Information for Google Core update June/July 2021

Information for Google Core update June/July 2021

Google has released a two-part summer update. The first Google Core Update for 2021 is coming soon however, as the developers were unable to complete to release it all at once the Core Update will be released in two sections.

The roll-out for June 2021 started on June 2 and the next installment is scheduled to release in July 2021. Like always the Core Updates to Google's algorithm for ranking apply to all search and markets indexes. Find all the information and analysis about Google's summer of hot Core Updates in 2021 here!

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Are we in for a scorching summer of SEO? Google has released a two-part update to their Core Search algorithm for 2021. They have made several major adjustments to their algorithm for searching but they were unable to finish the work on time for the launch in June.

The initial Core Update 2021 will be released in two sections. The first part, the Core Update for June 2021 was released on June 2nd and could take between two and three weeks.

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Google has explained the process via the Google search liaison Twitter account. The developers of Google SearchLiaison are currently working on the last changes to be finalized, but are is expected to take force in July's Core Update:

As with all Google updates, the core updates are not targeted at specific types of content. They are simple modifications to Google's primary ranking algorithm.

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