How to make money with YouTube? 1,000,000+ rupees per month

How to make money with YouTube? 1,000,000+ rupees per month

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Youtube is a great platform to promote gambling offerers, casinos and earning apps. With YouTube, earning from 1,000,000 rupees per month is easy! All you have to do is make a video review about your earnings at Tivit Bet. By watching such videos, people in India will play through your affiliate link and bring in big earnings for you.

Examples of Youtubers who make videos about Tivit Bet

🏃🏽 How to get started with YouTube?

1.Create a google mail

2. Open the YouTube site and click register

3. After that, click on your avatar.

4. Click your channel

5. Click upload video

* we advise you to beautifully design the channel

- choose an interesting channel name related to making money, for example "Money India" / "Earning Channel" / "Indian Gamer" ...

- choose a beautiful channel avatar

- create a good and interesting channel cover

My channel

Done, now you can upload your videos!

There are several options for creating videos:

  • using videoscreen record on your phone;
  • using your smartphone's camera;
  • using professional cameras.

To get players to make more deposits, you can give them promo codes. To get a promo code, text the manager the word "promo code" and the number of activations.

Manager: @tivit_partners

💡Our recommendations:

1. Place at least 1 video a day, statistically 1 out of 5 videos goes viral and gets a lot of views (from 1000 views).

2. Choose interesting and enticing video titles. 

3. Create beautiful covers for videos so that people click on the video more.

4. We recommend using editing apps like Kinemaster, Scoompa Video, Inshot, Videoshow, Movavi. Or any other app that is right for you.

5. For your video to get more views, use good keywords for your video.

📚We prepared a more detailed training on Youtube keywords separately in this article:

📈 Detailed statistics of the partner who makes Youtube videos about Tivit Bet

Our one of the top partners earned 1 347 181 rupees in 15 days. He makes a very high quality view of Tivit Bet and earns 1,000,000 rupees a month.



🤩So, it's very easy to make money on YouTube! It is easy to earn Rs 1,000,000 in 1 month. Over time, the quality of your videos will improve and they will gain a lot of views. The most important thing is to upload your videos every day and success will not be long in coming.

You need to watch videos of different partners about tivit bet and based on this make your own unique video, which will get more views due to your creativity. Dare friend!