Tivit Bet's detailed guide to youtube video design and SEO optimization.

Tivit Bet's detailed guide to youtube video design and SEO optimization.

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If you're making a video about making money from games on Tivit bet and you want it to make it into recommendations - you'll need basic SEO text optimization skills and proper preview design. These factors have a direct impact on the number of views and audience engagement. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

1) Creating a list of keywords;
2) Title;
3) Video cover;
4) Description;
5) Hashtags;
6) Tags.

1.The first step - to create a list of keywords. 

The basic step will help to weed out unnecessary phrases and keys that are not related to the topic of your video. For example, if you're doing a review on Paytm Games, you definitely won't need the following keys: Tivit registration, Tivit Tricks. But how do you determine which queries to use in the SEO text? About it all in order.

The easiest method is to use youtube search recommendations. Enter a word related to the topic of the video into the search engine, and Youtube will automatically generate about 10 queries. These choices will help you understand what people are interested in and see what similar queries Youtube recommends. At the same time, unnecessary phrases will be screened out automatically by the hosting search engine.


After analyzing a search engine, you can save the list of keys in a separate document or table. A more convenient alternative is the https://vidiq.com/ service. All you need to do is to type in a query and get a lot of similar results. The service shows the frequency (popularity of the query). The less competition, the better this keyword will suit your SEO text. Once the list of keys will be ready, you can move on to the next step.

What kind of "Earnings" keys to use for a video about Tivit Bet?

To increase audience engagement, you can add keywords related not only to gambling, online casinos, etc. to your videos about Tivit Bet. Let's take a look at the different keyword groups and how to add them organically to the title, text and tags.

ūüíįThe main and additional groups of keywords on the subject of "Earnings".

For the correct design of the title, tags and description, you can combine the following keywords, based on their frequency. Do not add in the tags only high frequency or only low frequency queries, this will have a negative impact on the promotion of your video. Let's look at groups of queries:

Main group of requests:

  • earn money online
  • online earning
  • making money online
  • make money online
  • how to earn money online
  • how to make money online
  • make money online 2022
  • earn money online 2022

Requests related to earning sites:

  • new online earning site
  • best website to earn money online
  • best online earning sites
  • online earning websites
  • online earning site

Real earnings/verified:

  • real online money earning
  • real earning online
  • earn money online with proof
  • earn money online with payment proof
  • make real money online

Requests related to earning apps:

  • earn money online app
  • money earning apps
  • online earning app
  • online money making apps
  • new earning app
  • best earning app

After completing the collection of keywords, you need to work on SEO-optimization.

2) The next step - Title

It's very important to get the attention of your potential viewer. I'll give examples and recommendations from below. But the best effect will be if you come up with a title for the video yourself. 


You can make the title of your video from the following lines (That doesn't mean you have to copy the title completely, otherwise Youtube algorithm won't promote you):

1) Tivit Bet Crash Game Trick;

2) Best Online Earning Game;

3) Tivit bet promo code;

3) Tivit Real Money Game;

4) 1 Second = 5.000 Rs;


6) Make Money Online;

7) How to Earn Money From Apps - Tivit Bet;

8) Game Money App;

9) Apps to Earn Money;

10) 100 000 rupees in 5 minutes by crash games - playing on tivit;

11) Tivit Bet Crash Game Trick;

12) Best Online Earning Game; 

13) Tivit bet promo code; 

14) Tivit Real Money Game.

example Title #1.

exampleTitle #2.

‚ĚóÔłŹTry to be unique and original. Find a title that will hook your potential viewer by yourself. No need just to copy this.

3) Video cover

It's important to make cool covers. You'll get a lot more organic traffic right away. This is a very important point that you need to do.

I will share a great examples with you, but you can not copy them. Try to do something like that.

Example 1.

Example 2.

Example 3.

You have to attract the viewer's attention with your picture. You can do this if you show something in the picture that related with making money. Withdrawal proof from UPI/PAYTM. Show your balance and so on. Then such a picture is sure to attract potential players.

4. Description.

In the first 30 words, be sure to insert a high-frequency key, but no more than 1. The text itself should be 250-400 words. This is the optimal amount of description for a Youtube video. The text is better to use 3-4 keywords, including the one in the first sentence. If emoji are relevant - use them, but no more than 2-3 pieces.

Example of using keywords

After the description of your video you can add a link to the site and bonuses. If you have no TG channel, just paste Promo Codes in the Description. For Example:

Tivit website - Link
Get promo codes here - Tg-channel link(if you have)

Example of using links

5) Hashtags

Choose 7-9 hashtags:
























You have to write the hashtags in a row, not in a column! Like this:

#hi #howareyou #whatareyoudoin  AND SO ON.

Example of using hashtags

6) Tags

You can add to the tags various keys and similar queries collected from services and Youtube search engines. They are a great help in ranking, and with their help, hosting users are more likely to see your video on the right side of the site, if the tags are chosen correctly. Do not use more than 15 tags, so as not to overpopulate.

Example of using tags

Now you are ready to post viral videos and get huge earnings! Follow the step-by-step instruction and audience engagement with your videos will only grow.

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