How to be featured at @Amazing_Cyberpunk Instagram feed

How to be featured at @Amazing_Cyberpunk Instagram feed


Hi, dear guest!

There are three main ways how to be featured there:

1) Are you a cyberpunk artist/compositor?

If yes, send me your artwork/audiotrack in original resolution/.flac extension to my e-mail: and I will post it in my feed with tagging your authorship (free).

(Original resolution artwork will be posted in Telegram channel for fair use in case if someone wants to use your artwork as wallpaper, etc. If you are not agree with that - let me know)

NOTE: Your artwork must be finished, not an art prototype created in 3D MAX or Blender. Repeat: finished artwork only!

2) Mutual promotion

You have feed with the same amount of audience I have and we can do mutual promotion (free).

3) Paid promotion

Have another jenre of art? Have another content to share? You are welcome at amazing_cyberpunk promotion rules.