Paid promotion at @Amazing_Cyberpunk

Paid promotion at @Amazing_Cyberpunk


Well, looks like you'd like to promote your page or content there :)

Requires for promotion post:

1) Promotion post has to satisfy Instagram's advertising rules
2) Promotion based on prepaid system
3) You can pay via, PayPal, or Visa/Mastercard if you are in Eastern Europe.
4) After you paid, send me all advertising materials to my email:

And what about rates?

Promotion rates: $20 or more if you want to support what we do.

What will I get?

Well, since Instagram use their system of relevant posts I can't guarantee you feedback that you expect. Somebody get a few thousands of new audience, somebody get only a few hundreds. It all depends on your post and Instagram's mood.

Here is some statistics of my page:

Good post can reach even 170k of unique views

In other hand only 14k original views
Stories views