How to add a channel to the service

How to add a channel to the service


If you couldn’t find your channel in the channel rating on the main page of the service, don’t worry, you have the opportunity to do it yourself in 2 clicks.

  Step #1: Click on the “Add Channel” button on the top bar of the service

If you do not have such a button, then you are not authorized on the service. How to do this, read the article “Authorization on the service

  Step #2: Now enter the link or username of the Telegram channel. To do this, go to the channel and copy the link to it / its username (also check the link is working by clicking on it; username - by entering it into the search bar in Telegram).

Click the “Next” button:

  If everything went well, you will receive the following message and the opportunity to verify the channel.

To access detailed channel analytics, tools for working with it, a place in the top of our service and offers from new advertisers, follow the instructions for channel verification

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