How do I register with AI Marketing?

How do I register with AI Marketing?


It is true that to register on AI Marketing is a labyrinth
; we can get lost there. We will face together this registration on AI MARKETING ๐Ÿ™‚.

I recommend that you carefully follow the following steps for your registration (pay attention to step 5).

Step 1 - Click on the link

you will have to click on register now. Before reaching this step, Google will ask you if you are not a robot, then you will have to click on the different images and validate.

Step 2 - Fill out the registration form.

Step 3 - As soon as you have completed step 2, you will need to click on the AI MARKETING tab above the line "How to earn?..ยป I see you coming. We have a registration to finish; we'll go for a ride after ๐Ÿ˜‰.

As soon as you click on AI Marketing, you will be taken to the page below. If this is your lucky day and the site is in English, go to the next step. Otherwise, let's continue. Chances are the site is in Russian; click on RU and choose ENG.

Step 4 - Bravo, the page is now in English. Click naturally on SIGN IN / SIGN UP. Yes yes!

Step 5 - I don't know if we can find brains in the labyrinth in any case. To identify yourself on AI Marketing, you have to click on the blue icon that should look like a brain. Be careful, and you have to click on the blue icon, not on the Gmail logo!

Step 6 - Reboot; you have to give your identifiers to log in and confirm that you are not a robot. The site may recognize you automatically, click on your first name, and you will fall to step 7.

Step 7 - Congratulations! Welcome to AI Marketing. This is where it all comes down to; the INB site will help you manage your referrals. In short, click on complete. Then, instead of Visa, which is in the drop-down menu, select gift certificate (or equivalent depending on the translation).

You must now add the following coupon to benefit from the $50 Welcome WRVL-0DSC-K58F-MBUX

For information, the coupon will integrate the balance for 2/3 days, and your robot will be off. This is entirely normal; it will become active after this delay.

I hope you have enjoyed following this procedure for registering with AI Marketing; I invite you to consult the operation if you have not already done so. Or to see what I think of AI Marketing during my first month of use.

Created by ABBAS Karim