I tested for you AI Marketing

I tested for you AI Marketing

Future won't wait

I adhere! I joined AI Marketing last November to test the cashback service and the famous robot that works for you. A company that is likely to be all the rage in the coming weeks and months. The big plus is the possibility to invest in online advertising (via the robot), which yields an average return of 35% of your deposit. There is no pyramid system. However, you still have the possibility to sponsor your friends on two levels and earn 5% on their purchases and advertising deposits.

The balance sheet after 30 days of use.

As we can see, I made 226 sales with an advertising budget of $498. It knows that the robot only used $312.98. That's 497.09$ of cashback on the first month of use, with a completely crazy profit contrary to what we usually see on other sites.

What I like about AI Marketing.

  • There is the possibility of reimbursing 1.5% on purchases in stores (offline) in some brands such as Mcdo, Burger King, Lidl, Auchan etc. It would help if you remembered to keep your receipt with the credit card receipt to scan or take a picture of it and send it. No problem, I made a FAQ to explain it to you if you have any help.
  • The cashback earned via offline stores can be added to the advertising budget, bringing in additional cashback.
  • The robot that manages the advertising is autonomous; you don't need to know marketing or advertising.
  • Transparency. You see how much you spend each day and what you've earned with the name of the sign.
  • The power of compound interest.
  • You can exchange your earnings in crypto-currency.

What I like least about AI Marketing

  • The $50.00 AI Marketing certificate that you entered at registration is an advance. You will have to give the money back to the robot, and you keep the added value. For example, you had your 35% cashback, you will have to return the $50, and you keep the $17.50 that you can reinvest.
  • It is possible to make withdrawals, but the first time, you have to give back the 50$ to Ai Marketing. Then, the second time, you will have to have at least $100 cashback to make your withdrawal on your bank account. Afterwards, there is no minimum. There may be a $3 transaction fee.
  • If you want to add money to your advertising budget, the transaction is not in Euros but Russian Rouble. Ai Marketing will take care of converting you to USD. Depending on your bank, there may be a small additional commission.

As you will have understood, I recommend using this site. Do not hesitate to register and take advantage of the 50$ coupon. There is no obligation to deposit money and no obligation to buy, but to take full advantage of the robot's power, I don't hide the fact that you will have to invest. I recommend that you read the procedure to complete your registration.

50$ coupon: WRVL-0DSC-K58F-MBUX

(to be registered in the Top-up tab on AI Marketing and select gift certificate in payment method)

If you have problems to register, please consult the FAQ, or contact me directly via telegram.

Created by ABBAS Karim