GameMarketTokens, Crypto Tokens for Traders, Investor, Developers and Gamesters

GameMarketTokens, Crypto Tokens for Traders, Investor, Developers and Gamesters

Roy Miller

GameMarketToken, Best Crypto Token to Trade, Invest and HODL

GameMarket, has launched ERC-20 tokens. This is the biggest opportunity to purchase tokens from EtherDelta Exchange. Over 2.5 billion people play games daily & Gaming Industry has crossed $120 billion business in 2017 and it is targeted to $500 billion in 2018. So, let’s disrupt this huge market potential. GameMarketTokens are fully decentralized and blockchain based Ethereum ERC20 tokens best for Investors, Traders, Gamers & Developers. It is listed at EtherDelta Exchange and ready to trade anytime. It has received huge startup funding from EtherStart which is a leading ICO startup funding agency. Many whale investors like GMC, BitClinic, EtherJob, Manor, BitReal have invested in GameMarket and raised their support and interest for Partnership.

Vision :

GameMarketToken is committed to maximize gaming community satisfaction by providing simple and transparent platform to Investors, Developers and Gamers. Their blockchain based decentralized platform will help Game developers to find investors and customers (gamers) for their project. Gamers will also invest in potential projects. In our Blockchain system, developers will receive money for their extra ordinary gaming concept. Investors will get returns on their investment on successful projects. Gamers will also earn through the rise of tokens price. GameMarketToken strongly believes that Gaming Industry revolution will be driven by Investor and Developers and Gamers. That’s they are introducing the first blockchain platform that communicates with Investors, Developers and Gamers. GameMarketToken (T4GM) will be issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates the ecosystem participants from all over the globe.

Airdrop :

Name of the Token : T4GM (Tokens For Game Market)

Total Airdrop Token : 18000000 Tokens

Airdrop per Person : 1500 Tokens

Persons to Select : 12000 Person

Token Price on ICO : 1 ETH = 5000 Tokens ($0.25 approx.)

YouTube Bounty :

GameMarket has launched YouTube bounty campaign. Members having good skill to create effective & attractive video on YouTube channel can share their video link in bounty registration form given in below link. We will give them 1,000 tokens for each YouTube videos after verifying quality and contents of the video. Based on higher viewers and audience we could also give more tokens.

Blog/Article Bounty :

GameMarket have launched Blog/Article bounty campaign. Members having good writing skill of blog/article can share their blog/article link here. We will give them 1,000 tokens for each Blog/Articles after verifying quality and contents. Based on higher trafic, viewers, likes, shares and comments we could also give more tokens in future.

You can use any of WordPress, Wix, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace, Joomla, Ghost, Weebly.

GameMarketTokens are ready to trade at EtherDelta Exchange.

Ethereum Contract Address :

To Add Tokens in Wallet :

Token Contract Address : 0xa042a3079a45ca1fb586b8307bcab9b8f8a85b27

Token Symbol : T4GM

Decimals: 2

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