Forwarder Genius - Tutorial

Forwarder Genius - Tutorial

Carlos Lugones

Use Forwarder Genius to forward/copy messages from groups/channels to any others, filtering them by given conditions and applying optional transformations. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to start using the bot.

  1. Open Forwarder Genius and run /start.

2. Select your language. In this example, we select English.

3. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and then click the "Accept" button if you agree.

4. Once you enter, you have the main menu, where you can add flows, see your free messages quota, change the language, request help, see the global statistics, refer friends, or even join @LugodevBots channel. And, of course, upgrade to Premium.

Let's create a new flow, which is a way for you to forward messages from origin channel/group to one or various destinations.

5. Tap on "Add flow" to define a new flow of messages. Then, you can add a group or channel of origin. In this example, we will add a channel.

When you tap on "Add bot to channel", a new message with instructions appears.

The channel we'll add is private. We add the bot to the channel, with admin rights, and then forward a message from the channel to the bot.

We now have the origin channel added to the flow. Let's do the same for the destination channel. Tap on "Add bot to channel", add the bot to the channel, with admin rights, and then forward a message from the destination channel to the bot.

Once you add the destination channel, you will see a menu like this.

6. In every flow you can activate/deactivate a set of filters for your messages.

  • All messages: All the messages from the origin will be sent to the destination.
  • Text: Only text messages.
  • Audio: Audio files, such as music.
  • Voice: Voice notes.
  • Photos: Photo files.
  • Animations: GIF files and other animations.
  • Videos: Video files of any kind.
  • Video notes: Circular Telegraph video files.
  • Stickers: Stickers from any sticker set.
  • Polls: Anonymous or quiz polls.
  • Contacts: Contacts or VCards.
  • Location: Geolocation coordinates.
  • Documents: Document files of any kind.

Special filters:

  • Hashtags
  • Mentions
  • Documents (27 types)

From this point, you're on your own. I encourage you to play with the bot, you have a free quota of 10K messages to forward and test the bot. If you're happy with the bot, you can upgrade your account to forward unlimited messages.

The payment is securely processed with Stripe.

If you need any help, you can contact me through @LugodevSupportBot

Happy forwarding!

Carlos Lugones maker of Forwarder Genius