Disruptions caused by COVID-19 bring new HRMS challenges

Disruptions caused by COVID-19 bring new HRMS challenges

Covid19 disruptions in HR world

The most prominent goal for organizations is to strike a balance between office productivity and workforce morale.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ - this age old saying aptly captures the essence of the dilemma faced by today’s industrial sector and has caused the corporate leaders to review their work policies. In times where social distancing & employee health concerns are outpacing the basics of traditional Human Resource concerns like productivity & human relationships, it is becoming difficult to run an office floor packed with hundreds and thousands of employees. HRMS technology and processes, which have witnessed a global digital disruption owing to the growing needs of millennial & digital technology, are now in a state of accelerated disruption. The industry is now hunting for innovative ideas to maintain balance between drastically changing workplaces and expected work results.

Covid-19 worldwide

Changing times require a drastic shift in work policies and processes. One of the foremost challenges that companies face is managing their employees. This challenge might become exponentially difficult when an employee’s work, efficiency measurements, and location become erratic owing to health priorities, economic uncertainties, and changing social norms.

How can organizations tackle something that comes with a sense of high uncertainty while continuing to innovate & deliver human resource goals along with productivity growth?

The answer lies in making best use of the technologies that the HR space has to offer. Leading HRMS innovators have already developed tools that are helping companies overcome the current and futuristic challenges while allowing them to continue being productive. Weladee is a primary example of such innovation which provides digital time attendance mobile application and Telegram chatbot HRMS solutions. Complete Work From Home (WFH) functionality has been added to the solution because of the epidemic situation.

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