Deal with employee lateness

Deal with employee lateness

Employee lateness is a problem, we have the solution

We propose you effective strategies to combat employee tardiness and the impact it has on your business.

How can you deal with employee lateness?

There are no hard and fast rules for dealing with someone who is always late.Every manager is different, as is every employee and their personal situation. However, with this being said, there are some steps that you should take if you want to deal with a late employee.

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Cost of employee lateness

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1. Document the rules

A lateness policy in its own right might be considered excessive, but a section on lateness could be incorporated into existing policies and procedures covering Absence Management or Time and Attendance, for example. The policy should include:

– The standard expected of employees: details of working hours, highlighting that employees should be ready and prepared to start work as soon as their shift is scheduled to start.

– The procedure for reporting lateness: if an employee knows they’re going to be late, who should they report this to?

– Details of how working time will be tracked and recorded: do you use timesheets or do employees need to physically clock in when on-site?

– If applicable, provide details on how employees can make up the time they have lost from arriving late.

– A comment on the potential disciplinary action which could be taken for persistent lateness.

– A comment that lateness should be avoided as it is disruptive for everyone.

Make sure any new policies or updates to your procedure are communicated to all employees and implemented fairly throughout the entire company. If this is something new to your company or if you have a particular problem with employee lateness, then consider running brief workshops for employees to attend in order to highlight the impact of lateness, go through the procedures with them and provide an opportunity for questions. This policy can be setup on Weladee Portal, then every employee has access to the company rules and is informed in case of changes. The employee handbook can even be requested from Weladee bot 🤖.

Ask employee handbook to the bot

2. Maintain records

Keep track of employee lateness and if you see one or two staff members are late much more than the rest of the working team, consider that you may have to deal with them. Keeping records means you will be able to use them as evidence when you speak to the employee in question, showing them facts rather than voicing your opinion about their tardiness. Weladee Portal can report you all latesness, absence, ...

All lateness, attendance is recorded

3. Proactively deal with the persistently late employee

Do not wait until you are angry and annoyed, or the rest of the team are feeling annoyed. Speak to the late employee before you get to this stage to help avoid it getting to that point. Schedule a meeting with the employee in question and in the interim, collate all the information you have regarding their working times, instances of lateness and reasons etc.

4. Respect their privacy

While important for you to broach the topic with an employee that is always late, be conscious of their privacy. Take them to one side to discuss their lateness rather than confronting them and voicing your concerns in the main office which may cause embarrassment.

There may be a sensitive or personal reason for their lateness, so approach the conversation with compassion and give them the chance to take in your concerns and say their piece.

5. Reward improvements

Recognizing changed or improved behaviors, no matter how minor, should be reinforced. Instead of penalizing the employee, make a point of recognizing their steps to correcting their lateness. Your employee will know the reasons why they are consistently late, so in theory, they should know the ways they can remedy them.

How to raise the issue of an employee’s lateness

When meeting with the late employee try to remain calm, do not make it personal and avoid getting angry. Speak through your concerns over their lateness, present them with evidence and refer back to your company’s policy on employee lateness. Explain that you want to understand what is causing their lateness and find out if there’s something you could help with.

Try to understand whether they If you have any personal problems, medical issues or any other reasons which might be causing them to be late. Remember to bear in mind any potential issues which could arise through discrimination and any adjustments which could reasonably be made by the company in order to support the employee.

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