ClickBee Publishers Guide

ClickBee Publishers Guide


We know that quality traffic is the key to any successful Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency related project, at ClickBee we make sure you get just that!. 

Unique human clickers are paid 50% of the CPC(Cost Per Click) amount you choose and our security algorithm makes sure there is no bot traffic or duplicate accounts.

How To Start A Campaign?

🔸️ Buy Website Visitors

🔸️ Increase Telegram Views

🔸️ Buy Telegram Channel Members

🔸️ Invite Telegram Group Members

Make sure to set a good title and description for your campaigns. This will help our users to make a decision on whether to participate in the campaign or not.

Use this calculator to find the minimum amount you can pay for the required number of visitors.

Our clickers can be paid using Tron tokens(TRX). You can buy TRX using BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, or Debit/Credit Card.

Refer and earn 15% of your friends' income from watching ads, and 5% if they spend at ClickBee!

Other FAQ

🔸️ Does your traffic convert?

🔸️ What are the payment methods available to me?

🔸️ How fast can I start working with you?

🔸️ What is the minimum deposit amount and daily budget that I can spend?

🔸️ Will there be a manager to support me as an advertiser?

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