Steps To Buy Website Visitors

Steps To Buy Website Visitors

Buy real visitors to your website or social media links. It is possible to advertise any kind of links including YouTube, Facebook, Online Forums, or even referral links to affiliate programs.

The minimum price you can pay per visitor is 0.2 TRX and can be increased if you want to get your advert to the top.


STEP 1: Click πŸ“Š My Ads and then click βž• Add Promotion βž•

STEP 2: Enter a catchy title and description

STEP 3: Select the type of promotion from the menu buttons. (In this case, click on Links)

STEP 4: Choose the CPC for this campaign (Price per visitor is 0.2 TRX)

STEP 5: Decide your budget for this campaign

DONE!!! ClickBee will now start sending humans to your website immediately.

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