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The BenQ PDQC is a stylish, versatile inch monitor that delivers accurate colors and solid grayscale performance. The moderately priced ViewSonic VP is a inch monitor that delivers solid performance and offers a generous assortment of ports, settings, and ergonomic adjustment options. Our top pick for midrange monitors, the ViewSonic VP is a feature-loaded inch IPS display that delivers excellent color and grayscale performance, and is hardware-calibration ready. The BenQ EXR is a inch ultra-wide entertainment monitor that can beautifully render HDR content, and delivers good color and tip-top grayscale performance. Since you spend a huge part of every day looking at it, however, it pays to be picky when picking the right screen. Price ranges vary widely, as do the quality of panels. Monitor prices depend on the type, size, and features of the display. But these panels do use LED backlighting, require little power, and are very bright. Performance is adequate for most entertainment or basic business and productivity purposes, but not well suited to tasks where color and grayscale accuracy are key. At the other end of the spectrum are your high-end models that are geared toward graphic design professionals and photographers. These are to inch high-end panels that can display four times the resolution of a typical full HD 1,by-1, monitor. Moreover, they offer such features as a highly adjustable stand, USB ports, and a wealth of advanced image settings, including calibration hardware and software. Desktop monitors generally fall between 15 and 38 inches. The smallest will generally be USB-connected panels meant for mobile use. The size of the panel is measured diagonally. Plus, the bigger the screen, the more you can expect to pay. A inch monitor is a good choice if you wish to view multipage documents or watch movies but have limited desk space. Or, if space is not an issue, consider a massive inch, curved-screen model to bring a true movie-theater experience to your desktop. They are available in sizes ranging from 29 to 38 inches with curved and non-curved panels, have a Measured in milliseconds ms , this is the time it takes for a pixel to change from black to white black-to-white or to transition from one shade of gray to another gray-to-gray. The faster the pixel response rate, the better the monitor is at displaying video without also displaying artifacts, such as ghosting or blurring of moving images. Monitors with a fast 1ms gray-to-gray pixel response are very good for gaming, but even monitors with a higher 6ms gray-to-gray pixel response can display games without much blurring or ghosting. This is the maximum number of pixels a monitor can display, both horizontally and vertically. For example, a monitor with a 1,by-1, native resolution can display 1, pixels across the width of the screen, and 1, pixels from top to bottom. The higher the resolution, the more information can be displayed on the screen. These days, most monitors in the to inch range have a native resolution of 1, by 1, and are referred to as full HD monitors. There are also plenty of to inch displays that offer a WQHD 2,by-1, native resolution. Stepping up to a UHD or 4K 3,by-2, monitor usually means a inch or larger screen, although we have seen a few inch UHD models. UHD monitors are ideal for viewing highly detailed images or viewing multiple pages in a tiled or side-by-side format. If you have to share a monitor with a coworker or family members, consider a model with an ergonomic stand that lets you position the screen for your most comfortable viewing angle. A fully adjustable stand offers tilt, swivel, and height adjustments, and you can rotate the panel for portrait-mode viewing. Ideally, at least two of these ports will be mounted on the side of the cabinet, making it easy to plug in thumb drives and other USB peripherals. Most monitors come with built-in speakers that are adequate for everyday use, but lack the volume and bass response that music aficionados and gamers crave. If audio output is important, look for speakers with a minimum rating of 2 watts per speaker. As a general rule, the higher the power rating, the more volume you can expect, so if you want a monitor with a little extra audio pop, check the specs. A display with a built-in card reader makes it easy to view photos and play music without having to reach under your desk to plug in a media card. Finally, glossy screens can provide very bright, crisp colors, but may also be too reflective for some users. If possible, compare a glossy screen to a matte screen before you buy to decide which works best for you. Up until recently, the majority of displays used TN technology, as it is the least-expensive panel to manufacture, and offers superior motion-handling performance. VA monitors also offer robust colors, but viewing-angle performance, while better than on a typical TN panel, is not quite as sharp as what you get from an IPS panel. To do this, the panel must have a native resolution of at least 1, by 1,, and it must have a In the not-too-distant past, most LCD monitors used cold-cathode florescent lamp CCFL technology for backlighting, but nowadays LED-backlit monitors are ubiquitous, and with good reason. LEDs offer a brighter image than CCFLs, they are smaller and require less power, and they allow for extremely thin cabinet designs. The next wave of monitors will feature Organic Light Emitting Diode OLED technology that promises ultra-high contrast ratios, true blacks, and a super-fast pixel response. Expect these displays to carry a hefty price when they hit the market. Although its popularity has faded, 3D technology is also an option on some monitors. Passive 3D uses inexpensive polarized glasses to create depth, and active-shutter 3D uses battery-operated glasses with lenses that turn on and off in sync with a Hz panel to deliver 3D imagery. Active 3D typically offers good side viewing and does a good job of displaying jag-free images, but it produces more crosstalk than passive technology, and the glasses are usually uncomfortable and require charging. For laptop users who require dual-screen capabilities, a portable USB monitor fits the bill. See How We Test Monitors. Prices vary within each category, depending on the panel technology used, the size of the display, and features. Budget displays are usually no-frills models that eschew such niceties as USB ports, card readers, and built-in webcams. They typically use TN panel technology and are not known for their performance attributes, particularly when it comes to motion handling and grayscale accuracy. This category includes a wide variety of monitor types, from small-screen energy-conscious 'green' models for everyday office use to high-end, high-priced, inch-and-up professional-grade displays that use indium gallium zinc oxide IGZO or Advanced High-performance In-Plane Switching AH-IPS panel technology and cater to graphics professionals who require a high degree of color and grayscale accuracy. Business monitors usually offer ergonomic stands that can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Very often, they will offer pivot adjustability, which lets you rotate the screen 90 degrees for viewing in portrait mode. Look for a monitor with an auto-rotate feature that flips the image automatically when you change the orientation. Other business-centric features include a generous three-year warranty with an overnight exchange service, built-in USB ports, and an aggressive recycling program. A fully loaded model with a high-end panel is going to cost plenty, but for photographers and other graphics pros, it is money well spent. For more, check out the Best Business Monitors. These are still uncommon, but with the advent of Windows 10 , touch-screen desktop displays are gaining some in popularity. Most touch-screen models will work with the latest operating systems, but in order to become a certified Windows monitor, certain criteria must be met. For instance, the display must offer a bezel-free design that does not interfere with swiping in from the side, and it must have at least five-point touch capabilities. Look for a model equipped with a stand that lets you position the panel so that it is almost parallel with your desktop. Multimedia displays are popular because they typically offer a nice selection of features to help you create home photo and video projects, offer decent performance, and in some cases, include digital TV tuners. A good multimedia panel will usually provide a variety of connectivity options, such as HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs, while the more robust entertainment-class models will also include component video and audio connections and a DisplayPort connection. At least two USB ports should be available, preferably mounted on the side or front of the cabinet for easy access, and the speakers should be a cut above the typical low-powered versions found on most monitors. If audio output is a deciding factor, look for displays with speakers rated at 2 watts or better. Hybrid displays are multifunction devices that pull double-duty as a desktop monitor and a TV set. Displays for gaming require fast response times in order to display moving images without producing motion errors or artifacts. Panels with slower response times may produce blurring of fast-moving images, which can be distracting during gameplay. Look for a panel with a response time of 5ms black-to-white or 2ms gray-to-gray or less. Gaming monitors should also offer a variety of digital video inputs to accommodate multiple sources, including consoles such as the Sony PS4 Pro or the Microsoft Xbox One S , or multiple PCs. The latest crop of gaming monitors offer G-Sync Nvidia or FreeSync AMD display technologies that reduce screen tearing artifacts and provide an ultra-smooth gaming experience, but your computer will need compatible graphics hardware to take advantage of that functionality. Since audio is a big part of the immersive gaming experience, look for a model with a powerful speaker system, ideally one with a subwoofer. A jack mounted on the side or the front of the cabinet for plugging in your gaming headset is also preferable. Or check out one of the many film-type patterned retarder FPR models that operate at 60Hz and use passive glasses. A monitor with a USB hub to plug in several controllers is also desirable. For more, check out the Best Gaming Monitors. In fact, many prospective owners of 4K monitors are likely video editors or users who like to have multiple windows open side-by-side without adding a second monitor. Gamers, on the other hand, will want to look for a 4K display compatible with fast response times and FreeSync or G-Sync if their GPU supports it, since a higher resolution makes tearing even more distracting. We update this story monthly. For the most recent reviews, see our monitor product guide. Loaded with features including multiple game modes and lighting effects. Some ports are difficult to access. Plenty of ports and settings. Solid color and grayscale performance. Lacks advanced color settings. Resolution tops out at p. Excellent color and grayscale performance. Lots of connectivity ports. Very fast refresh rate. Good color and grayscale performance. Solid in our gaming testing. Ports out of sight and hard to reach. The Best Computer Monitors for Business. The Best Gaming Monitors of This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. HP Pavilion 32 Display. More From John R. Get Our Best Stories! Fastest Mobile Networks The Best Laptops of The Best Monitors for Photo Editing. The Best PC Games. HP Pavilion 32 Display Review.

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