Aquachain (AQUA) - Decentralized Processing

Aquachain (AQUA) - Decentralized Processing


There are more to smart contracts than simple tokens.

Based on proof-of-work chain technology, Aquachain is a distributed computing platform secured by it’s own peer to peer network. It is not a company, and there was no ICO, no pre-mine, no dev fund, no pre-sale, etc. Transactions, once mined, are irreversible and not able to be censored. Aquachain is the blockchain, AQUA is the fuel. You need AQUA to create and interact with executable distributed code contracts and to send transactions.

Aquachain is an alt-ether, launched with no funding or pre-mine. Block number 1 was mined March 03, 2018, and we switched from "ethash" to "argon2id" at block 22800. The platform has scheduled maintenance hardforks in case changes are needed, and a hard fork constitution which prevents manipulation of the economy during these upgrades.

AQUA is the native currency of the Aquachain system. Anyone in the world can deploy "smart contracts" on the Aquachain today, using AQUA as "fuel" in the platform. Anyone in the world may also mine their own AQUA using CPU power. The economy is inflated by 1 coin every block (target: 240 seconds). Mining rewards will cease at block 42,000,000 (forty-two million). What makes Aquachain truly unique is the combination of chain attributes. Created with a fixed supply limit, pure proof-of-work coin creation, no pre-mine, no pre-sale, no rollbacks, and many more features to love.

Owning and Sending AQUA

Desktop wallet (GUI)

Running full node (console wallet)

Running full node (RPC server), Also see


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