Troubleshooting issues with Telegram Notifications

Troubleshooting issues with Telegram Notifications

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Please also see general troubleshooting steps here.

Android devices sometimes have task manager services that interfere with the Telegram notification service. For our notifications to work, you may need to add Telegram to allowed apps in those devices' settings.The detailed steps vary a lot depending on your device, here are a few examples:

If your device is not listed here, we also recommend to search for specific settings in the following categories:

  • Notifications
  • Priority mode
  • Battery power and optimization
  • Background permissions
  • Autostart


  1. If you have the Smart Manager app installed, please open it > Battery > App optimisation > Detail > find Telegram there and click on it > choose Disabled.

2. Android Settings > Apps > Telegram > Mobile data > Allow background data usage

3. Android Settings > Security > Auto-start management > Enable Telegram.

5. Android Settings > Battery > Battery usage > Menu > Optimize battery usage > select 'All apps' > Disable for Telegram.

6. Android Settings > Battery > Unmonitored apps > Add apps > Telegram > Done > Restart your phone. 

7. For Samsung 8: Android Settings > Apps > Menu > Special Access > Optimize battery usage > apps not optimized > switch to ‘all apps’ > turn it off for Telegram.


Android Settings > Battery usage > "..." > Battery Optimization > Not optimized > All apps > Telegram > Never.

Xiaomi and Redmi

Check the following:

1. Android Services » Security » Permissions » Autostart, find Telegram and enable autostart.

2. Android Settings » Notification » (enable) show notification icon

3. Android Settings » Installed apps » Telegram » show notification » (enable all fields)

4. Android Settings » Battery and performance » Power » App battery saver » find Telegram in Installed apps, Select "No Restrictions" in Background Settings


Check the following:

  1. Open Phone Manager App > Protected Apps, enable it for Telegram.

2. Android Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery manager (or Energy Saver) > Protected apps > Enable Telegram.

3. Android Settings > 'All' tab > Protected apps > Enable Telegram.

4. Android Settings > Apps > Advanced > tap on Ignore battery optimizations > Enable Telegram.

5. Android Settings > Notification panel & status bar > Notification center > Telegram > activate Allow Notifications and Priority Display.


Check the following:

1. Security app > Privacy Guard > Trusted Apps > Telegram > enable real-time monitoring there.

2. Security app > Speed Up > Ignore List > enable it for Telegram.


Open Android Settings > Power Management > Auto start Manager > enable it for Telegram.


Check the following:

1. Open the i Manager app on your phone > Phone clean > Settings > Speedup whitelist > enable it for Telegram.

2. Open the i Manager app on your phone > App Manager > Autostart Manager > enable it for Telegram.


Check the following:

1. Security Center app > Memory cleanup > Clean Whitelist > Add to Whitelist > enable it for Telegram.

2. Security Center app > Privacy permissions > Auto-run Management > enable it for Telegram.

3. Security Center app > Data Saving > Add Apps > enable it for Telegram.

4. Settings > Additional Settings > Application Management > Telegram > Manage Notifications > enable all the notifications you want to receive.

5. In the Multitasking interface, swipe down slowly on Telegram. A lock should appear in a corner, turn it offin order to allow the app show notifications in the foreground mode.


If you have the Data Saver enabled in your device settings, it won't let notifications work properly. You can disable it in your device settings: Settings > a green warning saying "Data Saver is on" > Turn off.


Go to your phone settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Application > select "Don't Optimize" there.

If your issue persists, please contact our Support Team.

To contact Telegram support, go to Settings, and scroll down until you see the 'Ask a Question' button at the bottom.
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