Zelle transactions

It should start with the fact that we will work with bank logs, I want to clarify right away that Zelle is a quick payment to the person who activated this function in the
bank, it must be both at the sender and at the receiver.

Zelle is in many banks, the most popular are wellsfargo, chase, bankofamerica,
navyfederal, bbt. We will work with the chase, because there is no SMS to send
funds. Also, I was able to send from BBT for $ 300 and from bofa
it was possible to have a maximum of $ 100.

Chase Zelle

I will speak from beginning to end how to work out the chase logs. First of all, the most
important element is that the install will send a message, that there
are chase lines in the log cookies. If they are good, then you
will come in without confirmation of the code by mail, if they are bad, you will have to go into the soap and enter the code, it's simple, you have
completed everything, entered.

In your browser you see the chase account. The balance in the chase can be either on the account or on the card, we are interested in the first one, so on the screen we see 92k on the bank itself and 16 dollars on the card. If you are not lucky and you have a credit balance, then you can either sell it or put it in Walmart, I personally just threw it away.

Sometimes such a miracle comes across, but transferring "Mortage Loan" you will be disappointed and understand only that it is a debt on the mortgage of a bankholder and you cannot do something with this account

We checked the account, everything fits, everything is ours. Next you need to check if the zelda is connected to your account, for this click Pay & Transfer> Chase QuickPay
with Zelle

We press, and if we see such a picture, then the potion is not broken, which means
that there is no history of transfers through the zelle. What are we doing? - Just add to the soap of the bankholder and delete the SMS. After we do the day, we take it. I don't like such acces due to the fact that they have to be shaken in smaller trances of 300-500 and only then can give more.

Here the tactics are as follows: we regain Zelda, we spent the day, go in, send 300-500, gives instant? We do another day's rest, we send two trances of 700-800 each. However, there is a possibility that after our first minor send, kx will burn. Go ahead.

You click on the greener tab and see the next panel, you are already lucky and you don't need to register anything.

Now let's look at two cases. You are logged in with Cookies and Without.


If you are logged in with cookies , you can send them immediately, in good amounts, without any debts. Next you need a drop, namely his first name, surname, enter in the Recipient name and mail in the mail, or number, if the drop is registered through it, write the amount, send, confirm, with cookies personally I was easily given two send for $ 900, however it is unlikely that you will get such an even amount. Where to look for drops I will write after.

So, you sent the cache, then we need to find out the status of the payment. Funded - congratulations, it gave you instant and money is already at the drop. Delivered is the same. Pending Review - means that you didn't like the chase and then either the money will reach in 12 hours, or the account will be blocked and the transa will fly off, well, or the transa will simply be canceled, but you will have an account, then we just do a repayment and repeat. Below are examples.



Blocked account

Instant gave you and you want to merge the whole balance? But you won't be able to do a bunch of trance until the balance is reset, because in the Normal Chase, the daily limit on green is $ 2k, and in business - $ 5k, you can find out the business acc, thanks to the huge BUSINESS inscription in the header (top) of the site.

If you entered by mail, but zelle zaregana. Everything is easy, we do a two-day stay, going into the lux every day and poking all sorts of buttons and leaving, on the third day we go in, the chase is already used to you and also quietly merge, like on cookies .