Welcome to the KFC Customer Experience Survey. Kindly offer your criticism about your new visit to the KFC Incredible England (UK) café and win a 15% markdown voucher which you can use on your next visit at KFC by participating in the your KFC survey.

Complete the Your KFC Survey, and get a FREE coupon for 15% OFF (reward fluctuates, really take a look at your receipt), redeemable upon your following visit to KFC! Past buy required. Should have a new receipt with study greeting. The receipt is substantial for 3 days after buy. The coupon is substantial for 14 days.

How To Take The Survey:

  • Have your KFC receipt helpful.
  • Visit the internet based study webpage at
  • Enter the Store Number from your receipt.
  • Likewise from your receipt, enter the date, time, and request number.
  • Click Keep on starting the survey.
  • Answer each inquiry as really as could be expected.
  • Make certain to enter your contact data when incited.
  • Click the last "Submit" button to finish the overview.
  • Partake in your FREE markdown from KFC!

About KFC:

KFC (Kentucky Broiled Chicken) is a worldwide cheap food chain that has practical experience in seared chicken. The organization was established in 1930 by Harland Sanders, who fostered a mysterious recipe of 11 spices and flavors that is as yet utilized today.

KFC's menu comprises of different chicken dishes, for example, broiled chicken, barbecued chicken, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, and popcorn chicken, as well as sides prefer coleslaw, pureed potatoes, and rolls. They additionally offer sweets, soda pops, and different drinks.

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