wwe 3

wwe 3


*** This story is fan fiction and not endorsed by the WWF or any of the characters involved. ***

Debra wrestles Luna to the mud, and Luna feels Debras thigh as it presses against her bare pussy. Debra rubs her thigh between Lunas legs, making Lunas pussy hotter and wetter. Debras hand slips between Lunas legs, and she lightly brushes against Lunas swollen clit. Luna moans softly. Tori grabs Debras bra strap and rips it from her shoulder. She tugs firmly on the mud covered lace bra until it rips from Debras body. Debras large firm breasts stand proudly, Tori grips both breasts with her hands, and firmly pinches Debras large pink nipples. Debra screams in pain. Luna grunts as Debras finger slips into her mud covered pussy. Debra furiously pumps her finger in and out of Lunas wet pussy slit.

Tori places her mouth on Debras large breast, and begins to bite her nipple. Debras free hand slaps at Tori, knocking her to her back. Luna quickly seizes the opportunity, and she quickly pulls from Debras hand, and straddles Toris face. Tori resists as Luna presses her mud covered pussy against her mouth. She spits the slimy mud from her mouth, but Luna rubs her pussy furiously against Toris face. The referee moves closer to the women, but no one will submit. Debra pulls Toris panties from her mud covered body, and tosses them to the crowd. The place goes wild. Debra now thrusts her hand between Toris legs, and begins to paw at her pussy.

Suddenly, out comes Jacqueline..she picks up a firehose from beside the mud pit, and begins to spray the 3 ladies. The crowd goes even wilder as the slimy mud is washed away, revealing the 3 naked lady wrestlers. Luna is grinding her pussy against Toris face, and has her wild blonde hair waving wildly as she thrashes her head. Debra quickly jumps from the mud pit, and tackles Jacqueline to the floor. Jacqueline hits the concrete quite hard, and is momentarily knocked breathless. Debra seizes the opportunity, and quickly tears Jacquelines bra from her huge ebony tits. Debra sits on Jackies chest, rubbing her pussy against the large black breasts. Her clit rubs against the cocoa colored nipple, making it quite erect. Jackie grunts, and tries to toss Debra.

Jackie thrusts upwards, throwing Debra to her back. Jackie quickly sits on Debras face, holding her blonde hair in her strong hands. Debra can smell Jackies aroma from her hot musky pussy. Debras breath feels so hot on Jacquelines pussy. Her clit throbs against her panties. Tori quits resisting, and her tongue slips against Lunas wet pussy. Luna moans, and grinds her pussy even harder against Toris face. Oh God Luna moans as she climaxes. Tori can taste her pussy juices as they flow from Lunas shaved pussy. Luna furiously grinds against her, as Toris tongue works on her enlarged clit.

Jacqueline quickly peels her panties off, and Debras tongue slides into her hot black pussy. Oh yeah, lick me baby Jacqueline moans. The referee is stunned as Tori and Luna pull him to the mud. His pants are quickly removed, and Luna takes his semi erect cock into her mouth. He quickly grows hard, and Luna expertly deepthroats his large thick cock. The ref is moaning loudly, as Luna works on his aching cock. Jacqueline quickly pulls Debra into the 69 position, and slides her tongue into Debras sweet wet pussy. Debra moans loudly, and she hungrily sucks on Jacquelines hot pussy. The 2 ladies furiously grind against each others mouths, working each other to quick, hot climaxes.

The smell of pussy fills the arena, and Debra rides Jacquelines face wildy, collapsing on top of the muscular ebony wrestler. Jacquelines tongue is still lapping at Debras hot sweet pussy. Jacqueline softly moans as she tastes Debras wonderful juices flow from her beautiful pussy. Jacqueline hungrily sucks on Debras clit, making her cum again. Debra moans loudly, and her body quivers as her pussy explodes with pleasure. The ref slides his cock into Toris muddy pussy, and Tori moans loudly. Luna continues rubbing her pussy against Toris face. The ref thrusts wildly into Tori, moving her body with each powerful push of his large cock. Lunas body begins to shake, and she begins to play with her own nipples, as she climaxes.

Oh fuck yeah Luna yells. The ref moans, and quickly pulls his cock from Toris hot tight pussy. He faces Luna, and with one pull on his cock, his hot cum erupts. It shoots with great force, and splashes against Lunas face. Lunas mouth opens widely to accept the hot sticky treat. The ref roughly shoves his cock into Lunas mouth, and she groans as the hot sweet cum shoots into the back of her throat. Luna hungrily sucks the mans cock with wild lust. Jackie quickly picks Debra up, and placing her on her shoulder runs backstage with the naked blonde. Tori slips from beneath Luna, and runs backstage also. Luna continues to fuck the ref with her hot mouth, milking the remaining cum from his hot cock.

As the refs cock begins to soften ,Luna releases it from her mouth, and rushes back stage. The ref waves his arm, and shouts Its a draw. Backstage, the 4 women are in the shower, washing the mud from their hot bodies. Jacqueline is washing Debras body, covering her with hot soapy bubbles. Luna and Tori are washing themselves. Shane McMahon is hiding, behind the shower walls, watching the 4 women as they play and wash. He calls out to Ivory who quickly comes running into the room. Here, I need you to take care of something for me he says. Ivory looks down at Shane, who has his cock in his hand, furiously stroking himself. Ivory quickly drops to her knees, and takes her bosss sons cock between her lips. Shane moans as Ivory begins to swallow his 8 inch cock. Oh yeah, suck me baby Shane grunts. Ivory works Shanes erect cock with her mouth, making him moan. Shane slips his hand between Ivorys legs, and feels her wetness thru her panties. He begins to rub her pussy through her cotton panties, making her wetter and hotter. Ivory grunts as Shanes finger slips inside of the thin cotton panties.

Shane easily finds her swollen clit, and begins to rub it in small circular motions. Ivory thrusts against his finger, while still hungrily sucking his cock. Shane thrusts his cock deeper into her mouth, gagging her. Oh god he yells. His cum erupts into her mouth, and Ivory coughs. Cum spills from her mouth, dribbling down her chin. She continues sucking him, and holds his hard cock in her hand, stroking him wildly. Shane furiously rubs her clit, and she climaxes, her juices gush from her pussy, soaking his hand. Mmmm, you are so hot and wet Shane moans. Shane quickly pulls her panties off, and dives between her legs. Ivory grunts as his tongue slides between her wet pink pussy lips. Shanes tongue wiggles wildly inside of Ivorys pussy. His finger rubbing on her swollen clit, she climaxes again. Her pussy sprays, as she climaxes, and Shane noisily slurps at the spewing pussy cum. Mmmm Ivory moans. Shane continues working on her pussy until she pushes! ! his face from between her legs.

Mmmm, fuck me big boy Ivory moans. She pulls her pretty pink pussy lips widely apart, and Shane thrusts his swollen cock into her. Ivory grunts as his cock slides all the way inside of her. Shane fucks her wildly. He quickly removes her bikini top, and his mouth finds her erect dark colored nipples. Shane hungrily sucks on her pretty nipples, as he slams his cock deeply into her tight pussy. Ivory moans loudly as she climaxes. Her pussy grips Shanes cock like a vise. Shane moans and his cock erupts into her pussy. Ivory cums again as she feels Shanes thick hot cum shooting inside of her. Oh yeah, give it to me baby Ivory yells. Shane thrusts wildly, filling her pussy with his cum.

They continue fucking until his cock begins to soften...Damn, you are so good Shane says to her. Ivory smiles brightly at Shane, and he slaps her on her firm ass. Mmmm, you too, Shane Ivory softly moans. Shane watches as the female wrestler begins putting her panties back on. He watches as her firm ass wiggles wildly as Ivory struts from the room. Shane quickly dresses, and notices the showers are now empty. In another room the Godfather and Delo Brown are sitting, smoking a fattie while watching the HOs as they enter the room. Mmmm, will you look at that The Godfather says. Damn, you sure know how to pick them DeLo says, watching as the bevy of beauties strut into the room.

To Be Continued...











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