why you should never sell your waves

why you should never sell your waves

My day today (just a normal day)


  • met a big VC fund (100 mil) that wants to do an ICO for a subfund for online home services
  • met a VR project that wants to do an ICO, working prototype.
  • Had negotiations with national depositary regarding a project of verifying digital assets ownership. Certificates of ownership for blockchain tokens, that could be a groundbreaking project connecting corporate world to the world of crypto
  • Set up a call with top security audit firm (Kudelski) regarding Waves code audit
  • Talked to another ICO project (chat bots, working marketplace with revenue)
  • Went to the top Russian Business TV channel to talk about crypto and ICO's, with Vitalik participating on Skype
  • Met another ICO project (payment system, guys own an offshore bank)
  • met a lawyer who is building the legal structure for tokenomica.com
  • had a talk with the most famous HR specialist in Russia, set up another interview for CMO position.
  • played with my kid for an hour
  • had another call regarding PR and international promotion

Besides, Primalbase.com raised around 5 mil in the first day of their ICO,

and two new members joined our team: Max (CBDO) and Anna (my PA)

Just a normal day.

Guys never sell your waves, we're gonna nail it.