whin - FAQ

whin - FAQ


This is an intro of what is whin.

The page is a summary of all the questions we have received from the users, and its answers. Should you need further clarification on any question, or you find something is not answered yet, feel free to email us at: info@inutil.info

Question: what is whin?.

Answer: whin is a whatsapp shared gateway.

Question: what is whin for?

Answer: It will allow you to receive a whatsapp, sent programmatically to your number, from an external system. Again, the whatsapp text is sent to YOUR number.

Question: What do I have to do to start using whin?.

Answer: The process is quite simple: just send a whatsapp to whin shared number including the command: "signup". You will receive an answer with a token. The token, together with the phone number, will be your unique identifier.

The easiest way to signup is clicking on this link: whin-sign-up whatsapp app will open, with the word "signup" already written... you just have to click the send button to start.

If this is too hard for you to follow, check this step-by-step video: sign-up whin.

Question: Do I need username and password to use whin?

Answer: No. There are two things you need to authenticate: a token and a whatsapp number.

You get the token following the process explained above.

Your whatsapp number must be written as: countrycode + number; do NOT include any non-number character, spaces, or anything which is not a number. Otherwise, whin will not deliver your messages.

Examples: of correct numbers are: 34123456789 (for spain) or 491234567890 (for Germany).

  • Do NOT include '+' before your countrycode,
  • Do NOT include a '-', or any other character or space (anything which is not a number) as part of your phone number.
  • If you do not know which is your country code check this: https://countrycode.org/

Question: Can you share technical details on how whin works?

Answer: Yes, check here. On this link we also answered common questions that are not included on this post, we strongly recommend you have a look at them before using whin.

Question: Do I have to pay to use whin?

Answer: No, whin is not a business. We are sharing a service we created for ourselves with anyone who likes it, at no cost.

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