vfxAlert signals for binary options

vfxAlert signals for binary options

Binary trader

Binary options are a great thing when it comes to the speed of profit. Just click the "CALL/PUT" button and increase the sum on your deposit within three minutes. However, such simplicity is deceiving: it isn't sufficient to decide if the cost will go up or down; you additionally need to select the validity (expiration) of the exchange. 

This factor is missing in the currency markets and even high-class traders, not to mention amateurs, experience issues with expiration. VfxAlert live trading signals can help with this issue. 

vfxAlert signals

Why publish signals? 

This question is very interesting. Really, if they’re any good signals, why offer them to other people. You can exchange yourself and not fear the competition. Of course, it’s true, however, there are two imperceptible, from the start, obstacles to independent exchanging, which are never explained in online courses on binary options: 

1. First thing: deposit amount. 

Some binary trading platform has a standard option amount starting at $1, however, what amount would you be able to earn on such a deal? Commonly, the profit on Forex currency pairs stays in the scope of 85-90%, and if the trader opens, for example, at $10, we get an amount of $9. This sum is not impressive at all. 

Using the whole deposit for one option means violating all the rules of money management. Trading is based on the rule "the winner takes it all", it is either difficult to close the deal very early, or the level of return is too low. 

And if you keep following the “normal” 5% of the current deposit on the exchange, the benefit is even less. Obviously, you can open deals all the more frequently, however, then the risk of financial loss increase in this case. Do not forget that the level of benefit is under 100% and to compensate for your losses you need two profitable options in succession! 

For noticeable benefit, you have to begin with a Deposit of 500-700 dollars, then you can benefit from "calm" day trading and medium-term deals. For novice traders, frequently even such a sum is too much for them, otherwise, they can’t work with binary options. 

You can choose another way: hire the outside financial specialist and pay a percentage for the work. But, as we often see in practice, "normal" financial specialists are common as the four-leaved clover. It is good when such a specialist understands the time of losses or even a total loss of money. This is generally joined by anger and lawful issues. 

Binary trader

2. A good binary options trader and expert in the analysis are not always the same individual.

Finding a profitable signal, being totally positive about your strategy, and opening options for money are two completely different tasks. Indeed, you can meet both traders and analysts in hedge funds and investment banks. Not every person is given the obligation to take responsibility for work with real money, you have to control your emotional state and not lose focus, observing how the choice option rushes at a loss and ens with the big amount of profit in two last seconds of expiration.  

And at the same time, you have to continually screen the level of profitable signals and reconsider your strategy when the market circumstance changes dramatically. This time and examination of numerous details: from historical information to the appearance of fundamental events. Given that the trader is already experiencing enormous loads, it is smarter to do this by professional experts or PC calculations. 

How you can use the signals? 

Since we realize that outer signals will be valuable and these are not just automatic Advisors on indicators, but real people and machine learning algorithms, we go to how to utilize them in forex trading. 

Real binary options signals from the vfxAlert service are just suggestions, with no liability for possible losses to subscribers. The final decision to open a deal or not stays with the trader.  

We should begin with the option where signals will be the source of the decision process. This is the thing that newbies frequently do: they get a signal, click "CALL/PUT" and don't need to think, what’s going to happen next. For all the respect for vfxAlert for its own signals, this methodology is still not recommended, despite the fact that the notable Dow theory States that "everything repeats" and this rule has been over and over affirmed by the market. 

There is no logical inconsistency here. Despite the complexity of algorithms and indicators utilized, we are managing historical information, since nobody needs to investigate the future of exchange trading, except if obviously you are the Central Bank or a market maker moving the cost toward the path you need. 

The service can only try to minimize the number of errors to an acceptable level, however, it is difficult to totally avoid the possibility of a mistake, the trader must consider this fact. 

Thus, the most productive option is to utilize vfxAlert together with a smart trading strategy, and here you can already choose the way to do it: your signal affirms a system or your system affirms a signal. Both options are practically equal, the primary thing is that main principle of technical analysis is not violated "to open an exchange, you have to get at least two affirmations of for the entry points from different instruments." Let's see, how it looks in practice:  

binary trading

There are two simple moving averages (SMA) on this chart: the "slow" SMA (15) and the "fast" SMA (5). The classic exact binary options strategy is utilized: options are opened when the «fast» breaks through the «slow» or going away from it.

On this image, you see the main signal for a potential PUT option — the Doji reversal candlestick and the following descending candle. But, SMA (5) is simply beginning a bounce back and the question emerges: has the downtrend already started, or is it only a small pullback and the uptrend will resume? Besides, moving averages are the most hindered technical analysis equipment and you can enter when the trend ends and it will be hard to accurately calculate the expiration time. 

Now look at vfxAlert: an obvious downtrend signal for our asset and the signal is calculated basing on a huge volume of historical data of the CCI oscillator (Commodity Channel Index) showing the movement of the current or new trend.

Consequently, we got three affirmations: from candlestick examination (Doji), technical (SMA), and historical details (vfxAlert). This essentially increases the probability of the completion of a new PUT option in benefit.

Read more how binary options signals work in our blog and receive a stable profit!

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