used lego in bulk

used lego in bulk

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Used Lego In Bulk


My last post to this site was way to long ago, but I feel this site still brings benefit to a few people, especially those who are in the parting out business. What happened to my store? My store, UniBricks, is still open and has a couple thousand items. However, this is a big difference than it was in December 2015. I had over 200,000 items in my inventory either listed or ready to be listed. So why did I liquidate? This is what this post is about. Why did I liquidate and stop parting out? I liquidated most of... Bricklink / LEGO / LEGO Selling Hopefully you have read Part 1, so now we need to finish off our store terms with the shipping section. Shipping Charts A Shipping chart will likely keep a buyer shopping. Even if you don’t charge exact shipping costs, buyers want to know an estimate. I have simplified mine to include prices that would apply to 99% of my orders. Want the code for a US PayPal Rate shipping chart? Check the Bricklink Code page! Customs Notice After running a store long enough, you will eventually get a customer that asks: “Can you mark the customs form for less value/under this amount/as...

Store terms are a part of every BrickLink store. If you have a BrickLink store, you have some basic store terms already in place. You will always default to some information, but you can add or change information as you see fit. You can look at mine or most other Bricklink stores for more ideas. Countries to Ship To Click Here to edit your store’s ship to list! Choosing which countries to ship to is totally up to you. Often new sellers stick to their local country at first which is great! However you will reach a much broader market if you... Bricklink / LEGO Selling LEGO storage for your collection, Bricklink store, etc. should not be just stack-ons. I highly suggest using Sterlite drawer systems or other similar brands. (I will refer to Sterlite, but that includes other brands that may be more available in your area or country)  Sterlite and Large Plastic Storage Systems Here are a couple of the different styles I have: I use a couple other types for my LEGO storage, but I always try to get as many thin large drawers (shown in the products above) as I can get.

Reason being is so I can store a high quantity of a part... LEGO / LEGO Selling Many people store sealed LEGO sets in their closet for years to increase in value with Sealed Set Investing. However you could pre-pack sets before storing. The benefits vs cost I think it is pretty self explanatory what the main pre-packed benefit is. It is ready to ship. Maybe put the weight in the remarks and instant shipping quotes. Also you can wait to find the perfect box, not have to worry about not having enough packing materials, and it is very well protected in storage. The what I would call “Neutrals” is the space it takes up and multiple set purchasing....Here is a brief summary of what you can learn and where to start! Watch the video to get a overview: Selling LEGO Brick Sales 101 is an ongoing series on how to sell LEGO different ways on various  platforms. From Storage to Sourcing a lot of information is available! I will continue this series for a long time so don’t worry if you don’t see the exact post you need.

If you have a special request for a post, topic, or discussion, let me know via the contact form! You probably saw that little newsletter opt-in... Now just about every Bricklink seller has their own storage so this is not the perfect way. It is just a way. But after going through many methods, I found my storage system to be twice (yes I checked mathematically) as efficient as the older methods I used. Stack-ons By far the best storage investment I have made. Stack-ons (Or any hardware drawer based system) are fairly affordable for the benefits they provide. Stack-ons are also very expandable which I will get to later in this post. The biggest thing with using stack-ons is labeling them. You could label the first drawer... Now there are many ways to get used bulk LEGO. But you want to keep in mind a few things. Where do you get bulk used LEGO lots? Answer is a lot of places. I have personally gotten bulk LEGO from Facebook, Friends, eBay, Craigslist, and by  far my most successful – Garage sales.

I watch most of these places for deals that are fantastic. Some people pay upwards of $5 a pound for reselling (and I have heard $10 for sorted out collections!), but my rate is rarely above $3 a pound. Often I get bulk for much less. Now that you have decided what area(s) you want to focus on, you need to get product! Buying LEGO can be fun, but also tricky when you need larger quantities. This post is focusing specifically acquiring *new* inventory for your LEGO selling business. Where do you start? The reason why YOU shouldn’t buy from LEGO directly for reselling is because the risk of being banned. And it isn’t easy to be unbanned. LEGO doesn’t mind resellers (A common misconception), they just want the resellers to not interfere with the availability of product to... Parting out LEGO sets is by far one of my favorite LEGO selling techniques. Although I use a combination of a few of them, this is the one I prefer. What’s parting out mean? Well let’s take a set like 10243 Parisian Restaurant. 

This set retails for $159.99 and “parts out” to a value of $389.30 at the time of this posting. That means if I sold every piece for the average price they have sold for in the past 6 months, then I would sell them for $389.30. Now you are not going to be able to sell every piece for... So the definition of “used” LEGO is vague, especially on Bricklink, but that’s for another day. In general though, most used LEGO consists of parts that have been played with or built with. That doesn’t mean the parts are in horrible condition, it just means they are not new. (Like I said, vague.) Technicality aside, the selling part is probably what you wanna know. What are the benefits of selling used LEGO? This is probably the biggest reason to go this route. Most businesses go for a 50% profit on product. Used LEGO can sometimes yield 5-6...Lego will no longer ask bulk buyers about how they intend to use their bricks following a high-profile dispute with Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei, the BBC reports.

The Danish toy company released a statement on Tuesday announcing changes to its policy for selling bricks in very large quantities. Previously when large purchases of bricks were ordered, the Lego group asked the customer “about the thematic purpose of the project” in order that the bricks were not used to “actively support or endorse specific agendas of individuals or organizations,” the statement said.The former guidelines “could result in misunderstandings or be perceived as inconsistent,” however, and the Lego Group said that as of January 1, it would simply ask bulk buyers to make it clear that the Group did not endorse their projects if they were to be displayed in public. Try Newsweek for only In October 2015, Weiwei set up collection points for Lego bricks in different cities around the world after the company declined to sell him a bulk order of bricks on the basis that they might be used in a political context. Weiwei previously used Lego bricks to create portraits of 175 dissident figures , including U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden, which was displayed on the site of the former Alcatraz prison near San Francisco.He planned to use the bricks for a similar work at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia.