How to change 1 bn lifes

How to change 1 bn lifes

Dmitry Malyanov for Brock Pierce

Brock, great idea you described in Barcelona from the scene - billion dollar company is not the company with $1bn on bank account but the company which changed 1 bn lifes.

I calculated - we can affect on about 1/3 of them indirectly in next 3-5 years. How?

They will watch what we will help to create. We develop - platform which changes the process of native advertising - it can recognise brands, objects and words on video (and photo if needed) of influencers and automates the payments to them based on views.

It seems a lot of projects do that now, but there is big difference - we give task to influencers and detect the fact of execution automatically. No manual negotiations, control, payments - fully automated and transparent process.

Why blockchain? We have very well balanced mechanics on platform which motivate all participants to create better content and with blockchain we can make transparent international direct payment to influencers.

We focus on young influencers, beginners, newcomers, those who need support, learning how to monetise their channels, access to interesting advertising, and together all "long tail" of small influencers are bigger than any TV channel or bunch of top influencers. We want to participate and contribute in building of community and help to influencers to create content and don't spend time for finding ways to earn money. We can work with hundreds or thousands of them with the same time and effort consumption.

AdHive - great opportunity for investors. We will provide very soon an easy way to sell native video advertising by large volumes - it will work like TV ad selling where media buyers buy it by GRP - points which represent contacts with target viewers. We will sell ADH tokens exactly as GRP - as advertising capacity - absolutely liquid and standardised. We already agreed about it with one agency and I'm sure we will find more.

ADH price will grow as far as # of campaigns will be increasing. That's inevitable cause there is no choice for advertisers - most of them plan to distribute ad on influencers channels. Number of channels which will be considered as "influencers" will be incredibly increasing year by year.