tm2™ Fountain Pen, Zebra wood/Black, 2 tones - Gazing Far Fundamentals Explained

tm2™ Fountain Pen, Zebra wood/Black, 2 tones - Gazing Far Fundamentals Explained

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Over the last couple of months, I have actually been researching and making Koa wood pen models for the Koa, Wood Ranch shop. My intent and desire was to source and offer the very best possible hand-turned Koa wood pens readily available. This put me in the position of asking and needing to respond to the question "What makes the very best wood pen?" Considering that delving into the world of wood pens I found out a lot more than I haggled for.

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But with the concern of "What makes the best wood pens?" at the leading edge of my mind I'll share with you a few of what I learned and the questions you need to ask yourself when buying a handcrafted wood pen. Select an Excellent Artisan The craftsman need to take into account the kind of wood he or she is working with, the ideal speed for which the wood rotates (RPM), and the suitable cutting tool. : ADVcer Fine Nib Fountain Pen with Wood 2in1 Pen Stand Gift Case, Vintage Rosewood Barrel Gold Trim Refillable Executive Fountain Pen and Showcase Set (Screw Type Ink Converter) for Business

It's an art-making that includes time and practice. The procedure of pen making requires the skill of lathe turning and a particular eye for detail. Lathe turning is a machining process used to sculpt and form round and round parts. The cutting tool is moved linearly while the workpiece (wood) spins.

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The difference between a novice pen turner and a skilled one is going to be in the details. The ability to keep congruency with the shape and form the wood into something that is appealing to the eye is something that only an expert woodturner can produce. Like art, the competence of the creator will determine the quality of the style.

Penturning - Making a Double Barrel Wood Fountain Pen - YouTube

In the very first image (A) you can see that the pen maker didn't form the front of the pen to match up with the metal pointer fitting. He or she left an undesirable shoulder. In the 2nd picture (B), there is a small space left between the wood and the metal fitting.

This is clean work and the attention to this information makes all the difference. When making Wood Fountain Pens , you'll want to examine the details of the pen and make sure the wood is tailored to its fittings and hardware. You should see no spaces, chips, or sharp unequal joints.

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