Name : Time 

Genre : Romance | Melodrama

Directed by : Jang Joon-ho

Written by : Choi Ho-chul

No. of episodes : 32

Original release : July 25, 2018 

Original network : MBC

Country of origin : South Korea

Original language(s) : Korean

Main Cast :

▪Kim Jung-hyun as Cheon Soo-HoSon of W Group's CEO, and CEO of a restaurant. He is seen as a perfect man.

▪Seohyun as Seol Ji-hyun

A bright and optimistic woman who becomes the breadwinner of a house at a young age. Her time hasn't moved on since the death of her sister.

▪Kim Jun-han as Shin Min-seok

Ji-hyun's boyfriend. A lawyer of W Group's legal team. He is seen as a trustworthy person.

▪Hwang Seung-eon as Eun Chae-ah

Su-ho's fiance. Only daughter of the CEO of Taeyang Group. Her obsession of a man causes an accident and she hides behind manipulated time.


Cheon Su-ho's family:

▪Choi Jong-hwan as CEO CheonCEO of W Group. Su-ho's father.

▪Jeon Soo-kyung as Jang Ok-soon

W Group's madam and Su-ho's stepmother.

▪Seo Hyun-woo as Cheon Soo-chulSu-ho's elder half-brother.

Seol Ji-hyun's family: 

▪Kim Hee-jung as Yang Hee-seok

Ji-hyun's immature mother.

▪Yoon Ji-won as Seol Ji-eunJi-hyun's younger sister.

People around Cheon Su-ho :

▪Jo Byung-gyu as Kim Bok-kyu

▪Joo In-young as Manager Hong

▪Kim Yong-joon as Chef Wang

▪Kang Min-ah as Miss Yang

People around Seol Ji-hyun : 

▪Ahn Ji-hyun as Oh Young-hee

▪Kim Jung-tae as Geum Tae-sung

A loan shark. Yang Hee-seok's ex-lover.

▪Heo Jung-do as Nam Dae-chul

People around Shin Min-seok :

▪Choi Deok-moon as Nam Dae-chul

Head of W Group's legal team.

Production :

AJeon So-min was offered the lead female role but declined.

▪The script reading was held on April 28, 2018.

▪On August 26, 2018, it was announced that lead actor Kim Jung-hyun dropped out of the cast due to health concerns. His agency revealed that there would be no replacement for him and the production crew was working on revising the script for his character to naturally fall out of the story. He officially finished filming on September 3.