If you're anything like I was, after that you recognize the struggle of coping with extreme hand as well as foot sweating. I experienced palmer and also plantar hyperhidrosis for many years.

In case you're not aware, that's the too much sweating of the hands as well as feet no matter what temperature level it is outside or how warm you feel. Hyperhidrosis is caused by an inequality in the somatic nerve system and is stated to happen in almost 3% of the globe population.

Although, it does not impact every person, hyperhidrosis is absolutely pertinent enough to stir up need for a solution. This is where Iontophoresis can be found in.

So, what is iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a pain-free choice to botox shot in which a weak electrical current is utilized to stimulate mineral-carrying ions to go through the hands or feet.

Essentially you put your hands and/or feet right into steel trays loaded with water. The trays are attached to a weak battery gadget. An iontphoresis specialist will help you with utilizing the device. They show up the dials to slowly raise the output of the battery charge into the water.

Do not fret, the treatment is totally pain-free and also you barely even feel the present in the water. We're talking REALLY reduced voltage below.

The minerals create a momentary thickness in the sweat pores of the hands as well as feet that finishes the extreme sweating for a issue of weeks. Without continued iontophoresis therapy, the sweating does return, nonetheless, this have actually been shown as one of one iontophoresis of the most constant and anticipating hyperhidrosis therapies readily available.

Generally you must engage in therapies 1 or 2 times a week.

Sometimes iontophoresis individual will obtain irritation at the areas of skin that meet the water line during therapy. The option to this is just placing some vaseline on the skin prior to the iontophoresis treatment.

If you wish to start participating in iontophoresis treatments, you essentially have two choices. You can either visit your skin specialist and also obtain a referral to the closest iontophoresis center OR you can construct an iontophoresis tool yourself in the house.