the new kid_(0)

the new kid_(0)


it was another day in our boring school and as we sat though english which is the most hated lesson ever there was a knock at the door and our head teacher was standing out side the door

As every body noticed that the head teacher was standing at the door every body turned and faced gill who was the baddest child ever in this school expecting him to be sent out of class as he usaly did on a regular basis

But today was different today the head teacher walked in and took center stage in our english room the head teacher said today children i an delhited to say that you will be joined by a new student his name is luke and he is from iceland and if has chosen to john our school as she finished luke walked in trying not to make eye contact with anybody he got told to sit next to me and usaly THAT WOULD BE hell because they will follow you every where because they are new but strangly i didnt mind especialy that i had broken up with my boy friend just a month ago

As the learn finished me and luke whent to the benches out side next to the astro turf pitch out in the summer sun i could properly see him if is about 5.11 foot tall blonde hair and blue eyes kinda like the guys hitler was getting for his army any ways let me describe me i am 5.8 foot tall slim brown hair with blonde highlights and i foot want to boast but the biggest breasts in my year (thanks to my mum because she has large breasts too)

As we sat there we started talking about where if came from what if liked to do stuff like that then the this topic came up

I asked him what type me girls thathe liked and he replyed well i dont know i guess i like big butts and i can not lie you other brothers can not deny via0when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round ting in your face you get sprung wanna pull out your tough cause you notice that your but was stuffed deep in the jeans she is wearing im hooked and i can not stop staring oh baby i wanna get with you and take a picture my home boys tried to warn me but that but you got makes me so horny oh rump o smooth skin you say you wanna get in my benz well use me use me cause you aint that average groupy ive seen them dancing to hell with romancin she sweat wet got me going like a turbo vette

In tired of magazines saying flat butts are the thing take that average black man and ask him that she gotta pack much back so fellas. Yeah. Fellas. Yeah. Has your girl friend got the butt. Hell yeah. Tell them to shake it shake it shake it shake it shake that healthy butt baby got back. Well that is what i think anyways

after school i invited him to my house and we had sex and my nun stumbled in on up and after some shocked looks my nun joined in too and after all that i ate some chocolate cake which was delisuse and moist.

The end

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Good bye and have a pleasent tomorow

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