the lego movie trailer good morning

the lego movie trailer good morning

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The Lego Movie Trailer Good Morning


As the much-hyped Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits movie theatres around the globe, Warner Bros. has dropped its first teaser for the Lego version of Batman.The spin-off from 2014's hugely successful The Lego Movie stars Will Arnett as the voice of the Dark Knight who lives alone in his Bat Cave with a hip-hop soundtrack, a very large closet and a well-equipped kitchen.The video starts with the black and yellow Lego figure appearing on screen 'laying down some dope tracks.' He then 'drops the mic' on the trailer. Timing: The first teaser trailer for the Lego Batman movie was released on Thursday, as Warner Bros. live action feature Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice hit movie theatres worldwide Back in black and yellow: The growly voiced Caped Crusader is played by Will Arnett, and he introduces the trailer footage after 'laying down some dope tracks' before he 'drops the mic' on the whole thing The opening recalls all the great Batman movie titles before announcing: 'He's black....and yellow!'

He's seen flying around Gotham in the Batwing before arriving at the Bat Cave.'Hey Puter, I'm home' he calls out, only for his voice to echo endlessly around the cavernous Bat Cave. Chip off the old block: Lego Batman was first seen in the hugely successful 2014 animated feature The Lego Movie and makes his return in his own spin-off Out and about: He's seen tooling around Gotham in the Batwing Leader of the gang: He heads into battle with Superman, Wonder Woman and other Justice League members at his side Home, sweet home: After saving Gotham he heads back to his Batcave Megaplex: It's a cavernous BatcaveHis loneliness is broken by the sound of hip hop initialized by the computer, which then asks him: 'Did anything exciting happen today?'Batman responds in his trademark gruff growly voice: 'I saved the city again. It was off the chain.'He's seen passing through his extensive closet lined with Batman costumes on a moving walkway as he takes off his clothes and changes into a comfortable robe.

Lego Batman rides a moving pathway through his very large closet as he changes out of his Batgear and into something more comfortable Relaxing: He slips into a comfy robe before dinner Hungry work: The Caped Crusader tells the Batcomputer he 'saved the city again' before going in search of some supper'Anyway I should probably have some grub,' he says.The Batcomputer tells him: 'Alfred left your Lobster Thermidor in the fridge.''Oh that's my favorite. I can't wait,' the Caped Crusader replies. Leftovers: Batman takes the Lobster Thermidor left for him by Alfred in the fridge and pops it in the microwave Good supper: It turns out Lobster Thermidor is his favorite.... Need patience: It just takes a long time to reheat.....Batman pops the food in the microwave and then stares at it going round as he waits for it to reheat. Much tot he delight of fans, no doubt, there's a brief glimpse of Lego Batman leading his fellow Lego Justice League superheroes into battle in the fight to save Gotham. 

His nemesis The Joker, who is not seen in the trailer, is voiced by Zach Gaifianakis.Rosario Dawson lends her voice to Batgirl, Michael Cera is Robin, Mariah Carey voices the mayor and Ralph Fiennes brings Alfred to life.The movie from Warner Animation Group is directed by Chris McKay and slated for a February 2017 release. A year to wait: The Lego Batman Movie is slated for a February 2017 release'The Lego Movie': Listen to Three Songs From the Soundtrack by Mark Mothersbaugh (EXCLUSIVE) Posted January 27, 2014Warner Bros. Pictures No matter the age or demographic, it seems like almost everyone is looking forward to seeing next month's "The Lego Movie." Directed and co-written by the insanely talented duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who were responsible for the first "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" and the equally wonderful (in a different way) "21 Jump Street," "The Lego Movie" tells the story of an ordinary dude named Emmett (Chris Pratt) who discovers the legendary missing piece, the key to saving the entire Lego universe from the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell).

And while we're not at liberty to talk about the movie quite yet, we can say that it totally lives up to all of the anticipation and excitement. And part of the reason the movie is so effective is the inventive, '80s-tinged score by frequent Lord/Miller collaborator Mark Mothersbaugh, of the breakthrough New Wave band Devo. We could not be more excited to exclusively debut three cuts from the original score today. The first track, "Emmett's Morning," plays when our hero wakes and starts his day, one that at first seems like just another ordinary day, but soon transforms into something totally unforgettable. The second track, "Saloons and Wagons," plays when Emmett and his new companion, Wildstyle (Elizabeth Banks), enter a section of the Lego universe called "The Old West." (You'll even hear strains of a honky tonk version of the movie's infectious theme song, "Everything Is Awesome.") As the track continues, it gives way to some more exciting music, since one of the movie's bigger action set pieces takes place in this section.

And third is "Cloud Cuckooland and Ben the Spaceman." Cloud Cuckooland is another section of the Lego universe, one that is a total chaotic free-for-all (in the best sense of the word) ruled over by the benevolent Uni-Kitty (Alison Brie), so this is the introduction to that world, as well as the brief theme for Benny the Spaceman, played with gleeful abandon by Charlie Day. The only downside to listening to these amazing tracks, which feature orchestral elements and glittery electronics side-by-side, is that it makes the wait till the movie's February 7 release even more torturous. Until then, listen away. And watch out for a new, exclusive episode of Unscripted, featuring stars Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Arnett -- coming soon to Moviefone!The LEGO Movie83metacriticEmmet (Chris Pratt), an ordinary LEGO figurine who always follows the rules, is mistakenly identified... Who cares about that dark and broody Batman movie out in cinemas this week? The first Lego Batman Movie trailer will really make you a fanboy all over again.