the lego movie sweater

the lego movie sweater

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The Lego Movie Sweater


Throughout the year, a variety of programs are offered by the park staff at Maggie Daley Park. In the summer, day camp and other youth programs are offered in addition to adult focused fitness programs. In spring, fall and winter, patrons will find a number of early childhood classes, sport and cultural programs for youth, and many adult & senior programs. Registration for programs is available online or in person during normal fieldhouse hours. This beautiful park serves as an amazing space for a number of family-friendly events hosted by the park throughout the year.  Some of the special events offered include a Valentine’s Day Dance, Egg Hunt, Night Out in the Parks events over the summer, Fall Fest, and Skate with Santa. View the current Chicago Park District programs for Maggie Daley Park For information on parking, visit Millennium Lakeside Garages or click here for other transit options to Maggie Daley Park. February 19 – Skate with MYfm’s Robin Rock!

Robin Rock from 93.9 MYfm will be at the Skating Ribbon from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm on Sunday the 19th. We’ll have raffle, games, prizes and more! Stop by to skate and enter to win VIP Skating Packages, Maggie Daley Park gear, and MORE! Visit our climbing wall events page © Maggie Daley Park All rights reserved. Website design by Olive Street DesignLego HumorThe Lego MovieSweater ComicArgyle SweatersFunny BunniesLaugh TodayFavorite ComicFunny ComicsCrossForwardWhat you get when you cross The Lego Movie with... Lord Business' Evil Lair16 ReviewsFIND MORE PRODUCTS LIKE THISTHE LEGO® MOVIE™Plot to control the world in Lord Business’ Evil Lair!The Lego Movie got snubbed for the 2015 Academy Awards, not receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. Instead, films like Big Hero 6 and How to Train Your Dragon 2 got a nod. (The movie's title song, "Everything Is Awesome," did land a Best Original Song nomination, though.) See also: Oscars 2015: Here are the nominations

And while those movies might've been cute and everything, the Internet had quite the meltdown for leaving our beloved Lego friends off the list.And in the meantime, here's hoping the Academy steps on a few Lego bricks....Lego MovLego CostumesHalloween CostumesUnikitty Lego1 546Fabric Girls546 PixelsEvil PinsMovie CostumeForwardLove the ides of her face out the side of the box.See Morepin 18heart 1Lego Movie CostumesComic Con CostumesCouples CostumesKids CostumesHalloween CostumedMovie HalloweenHalloween Costume IdeasHalloween 2016Lego CosplayForwardAwesome Emmet and WildstylSee Morepin 15heart 1wild style jacketpin 12heart 1Legos PartyLego Movie PartyLego Party IdeasLego Parties4Th BirthdayBirthday Party IdeasBirthday Parties8Th BdayMovie BirthdayForwardThe LEGO Movie Character Mask Cut Outs, NOT terrifying AT ALL!See Morepin 8Camden HalloweenMasons HalloweenRyan HalloweenLego HalloweenHunters HalloweenHalloween 2014Costumes I DParties CostumesCostume IdeasForwardlego movie emmet name badge - Google SearchSee Morepin 6heart 1Tome HalloweenLego HalloweenHalloween SecretHomemade HalloweenHoliday HalloweenHalloween 2014Halloween CraftsBad Cop Lego CostumeLego CostumesForwardGood cop bad cop Lego costumeSee Morepin 6Teen FormalKailey WeddingSilver BoyToddler TeenBoy InfantBearer WeddingSilver WeddingRing BearerPantForwardGray Silver boy infant toddler teen formal suit for ring bearer wedding party #kidstudio1908 #GrayFormalsuit5piecesset #DressyHolidayPageantWeddingSee Morepin 6So she can be happy kitty on one side and angry on the other!

Awesome!pin 6Kragle KrazyKrazy GlueMovie TmLego CostumesHalloween CostumesMovie CostumesGlue LegoThe Lego MovieLego IdeasForwardThe “Lego Movie tm”.Kragle imageSee Morepin 4Hat HalloweenHalloween CostumesWyldstyleHats CrochetedMovie CostumeLego MovieBlack HatsA PhotoPhoto ShootForwardWyldstyle crochet hat from Lego Movie by TaeTaesCrochet on Etsy, $16.00See Morepin 3heart 1A parrot is enjoying internet stardom after a video of it singing 'Everything is Awesome' from The Lego Movie went viral after being posted online.Princess Yellow Feather was filmed singing the song with much gusto at exotic bird speciality shop Birds On Safari in Stuart, Florida.The clip, which has been viewed nearly 400,000 times, features the Yellow Nape Amazon sitting on a perch fluffing its feathers and bursting into song. Princess Yellow Feather was filmed singing the song with much gusto at exotic bird speciality shop Birds On Safari in Stuart, FloridaIt sings 'Everything is Awesome' from The Lego Movie – the Hollywood blockbuster, which hit cinemas in February this year.

Humorously, the bird even spins around as if dancing and manages to perform the song for a total of 14 seconds.The video has received a number of comments since being posted to YouTube from people amazed by the bird's ability to sing. Humorously, the bird even spins around as if dancing and manages to perform the song for a total of 14 seconds The Lego Movie was a hit at cinemas, with the Everything is Awesome song a highlight User Melbourne Music wrote: 'My life is complete,' while Adam Bolton said: 'Greatest singer ever.'Other YouTube users have suggested that the clip may not be real.User Deksam101 said: 'This could be easily faked, but might not be,' while Boris Poletaev said: 'Is this real life?'Birds On Safari were quick to respond to the doubters however, and wrote to one YouTube user: 'Yes it is very real!'The next video I posted 'Princess Yellow Feather Everything is Awesome When I'm Close to You' is a little closer up view.' for joining the Redbubble mailing list

Thanks for signing up! Receive exclusive deals and awesome artist news and content right to your inbox. Free for your convenience.BatmanYou don’t need a super-smart ‘Puter to reveal the Easter eggs in The Lego Batman Movie. A spin-off of 2014’s The Lego Movie, Will Arnett reprises his beatboxing crusader in plastic to save Gotham City while accepting help from some new friends along the way.Functioning as both a celebration and a loving spoof of everything Batman, The Lego Batman Movie from Chris McKay (Robot Chicken) was jam-packed with fun references to Batman’s entire multimedia history that’s been going strong for over 75 years. Here’s a rundown of some of the best Easter eggs to keep an eye out for the next time you venture into brick Gotham City. From the start, there are two killer references to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Tim Burton’s Batman. When the Joker tries to hijack a plane carrying bombs, the pilot shrugs it off, knowing Batman will save the day.

When Joker says he won’t, the pilot responds: “What about that time with the two boats?” referencing Heath Ledger’s Joker’s scheme in the climax of The Dark Knight. A few seconds later, the pilot brings up the other time the Joker threw a parade with Prince. Speaking of that scene, the plane the Joker takes over is named “MacGuffin Airlines.” MacGuffin is a screenwriting term ascribed to objects that move the plot of a story forward. In this case, it was the plane full of bombs. In the Wayne Family photo, Bruce’s parents Thomas and Martha Wayne stand in front of a movie theater in Crime Alley. The Lego Batman Movie avoids directly referencing the gruesome fate that fell upon the Waynes, but “Crime Alley” is an oblique reference to Bruce’s origin story. Terry McGinnis’s Batman Beyond costume can be seen on Batman’s costume rack while Robin puts on Batman’s “Reggae” outfit to become Robin. When Joker says “Wanna get nuts?” it’s a reference to when Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne says it in Tim Burton’s Batman.

There’s a “Batman Forever” sign from the crowd of admirers after Batman defeats the Joker. When Alfred mentions Batman’s “phases,” they’re all previous Batman movies going backward: Beginning with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the gag goes all the way back to Batman’s old black and white film serials from the 1940s. Blüdhaven, the neighborhood Barbara Gordon cleans up before moving to Gotham City, is the territory of Nightwing. A newspaper ad for “Barris Automotive” references George Barris, the designer of the sleek Batmobile from the 1966 television series. Speaking of that wonderful acid trip of a TV show, Dick Grayson’s civilian outfit in The Lego Batman Movie strongly resembles Burt Ward’s, with a red sweater and a white collared button-down shirt. Dick Grayson’s thick Coke bottle glasses also makes him resemble Carrie Kelly, the teenaged Robin in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Rises. When Batman rings the doorbell to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, it plays a portion of the classic John Williams theme from 1979’s Superman.

Keep an eye out for who’s at the “57th Annual Justice League Anniversary Party,” which accurately commemorates the release of The Brave and the Bold #28 from 1960. Besides obvious icons like The Flash and Green Lantern, there’s Black Lightning, Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, and Green Arrow partying it up. Also keep an eye out for several neon signs in the Gotham skyline: There’s the Gotham Gazette (the newspaper where Vicki Vale works) and the Iceberg Lounge (Penguin’s exclusive gangster club). One of two Batman outfits Alfred puts on to join the group is THE blue and gray Adam West costume from the 1966 TV show. As if you haven’t noticed by now, the camp classic Batman gets riffed on a lot. While the ‘66 Batman gets lovingly homaged, last summer’s Suicide Squad gets dunked on. When one of the Bat-Family suggests using Gotham’s criminals to help fight against Joker’s new army, Batman scoffs: “A team of criminals to fight criminals? What a stupid idea.”

Though not strictly a Batman reference, the Gremlins on Batman’s airplane is an homage to a classic episode of The Twilight Zone where William Shatner is haunted by gremlins while on a flight. Enter the Dragon director Robert Clouse gets not one but two references: Robin claims to know “Gymkata” as a martial art (Gymkata was a 1985 martial arts snooze from Clouse that’s become an ironic cult classic), while the fight between Batman and Joker resemble the final fight in Enter the Dragon. It’s also a reference to Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns where Batman fights Joker in a creepy Hall of Mirrors. The Bat-Shark Repellant, kept in the Batcave, was famously used in the 1966 Batman movie. Two-Face resembles and is voiced by Billy Dee Williams, who played Harvey Dent in Batman but didn’t stick around in the series to become Two-Face. Tommy Lee Jones took over the role in 1995’s Batman Forever. It’s hardly an “Easter egg” when Lego Batman cozies up to watch Jerry McGuire.

But remember how Heath Ledger’s Joker told Batman “You complete me,” in The Dark Knight? Killer Croc says, “Yay, I got to do something!” in yet another jab at Suicide Squad. Bane’s comically “old English” accent is an homage to Tom Hardy. Lego Bane is voiced by comedian Doug Benson, who imitates Bane frequently on his podcast. “Ferris Air,” another airline mentioned in the film, is the employer of Hal Jordan before he becomes the Green Lantern. Batman’s T-rex can be seen in the Batcave, as it should be. The dinosaur first appeared in Batman #35 where Batman and Robin enter an island full of robotic dinosaurs. Batman keeps the T-rex as a trophy from his adventures. ‘Puter at one point says, “Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed,” which is a direct quote from the TV show. The brief “X-ray sequence” at Arkham Asylum alludes to a similar puzzle in the original LEGO Batman video game. Soder Cola is advertised on a billboard.

That’s the same Soder Cola in the DC Universe, which once had Booster Gold has its spokesperson. The Lego Batman Movie is in theaters now.Photos via Warner Bros., DC Comics, Sony Pictures'Arrow' Finally Reveals the True Identity of PrometheusAstronomers Just Created an Atlas for Elusive Dark Matter'Doctor Who' Trailer Reimagines the Time Lord, 'Logan'-Style"Belko Experiment' Escape Room Will Make You Love Virtual RealityBehold! 3.77 Billion-Year-Old Rusty Bacteria Poop'Moonlight' Lead Might Consider 'Green Lantern' as His Next MoveFacebook Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Prevent SuicidesThe company wants to build a safer community.Give a Robot Mouse an IQ Test...Facebook's Fascinating New Videos Demystify A.I.'s Scary Reputation7 Celebrities for SpaceX's Moon Trip, Ranked by SurvivabilityHere are seven educated guesses.Elon Musk Says SpaceX Falcon Heavy Is the Most Powerful Rocket in the World: What Will It Carry?Watch: Extremely Southern Guy Narrates Falcon 9 Rocket's Trip Back to SpaceX's LaunchpadTrump Proposes "American Footprints on Distant Worlds" in SpeechYes, California Really Could Launch Its Own Space AgencyHow Mike Pence and the National Space Council Will Govern the Cosmos