the lego movie scene creator

the lego movie scene creator

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The Lego Movie Scene Creator


Looks like this game requires a larger screen Try again on a laptop or desktop computer, or visit the Games Page for lots of other cool games! Ben 10: Up to Speed Riding the Storm out (Mandarin)The LEGO Movie Maker app has been around for just about three years now. It a very popular and user-friendly app to create LEGO stop-motion animations. The simple tools and guides of the app make it easy to shoot, edit, and even score your movie with music. The LEGO Movie Maker works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices with camera and supports operating systems of iOS5 and up. The app is free, and you can download it at iTunes. Here is the link: DOWNLOAD LEGO MOVIE MAKER APP 🙂 We have talked about LEGO Movie Maker previously when it was first released, so I won’t repeat the details of the app here, however I recently found a series of video-tutorials for the app directly by LEGO, that are not just useful for those who are using this particular application, but for all LEGO stop-motion animators. T

here are five tutorials in the series and they cover various tips and tricks to improve your animation. In the video-player below you can watch all of five tutorials: ➡ LEGO Movie Maker App – Storyboard & Editing Tips and Tricks: This video shows you how to best plan and edit your movies. First you learn about drawing a simple storyboard to keep track of the action-scenes of your movie. You can either upload the storyboard images to your device, or just follow them along on paper, and mark them complete when you are done filming each scene. The second part of this video focuses on editing your uploaded scenes and adding sound-effects. ➡ LEGO Movie Maker App – Lighting Tips and Tricks: This video shows you how to use lighting in your brick films to create lots of cool effects. The first part of the video covers setting up basic lighting for your movie-scene with lamps, and adding special effects with flashlights. The second part of the video addresses more advanced lighting techniques using transparent LEGO pieces to change the color of the lights, and even create a realistic sunset.

➡ LEGO Movie Maker App – Building Tips and Tricks: This video shows you how to build better settings for your videos by making pre-made wall-sections, furniture pieces and other props. The tutorial also covers how to use forced-perspective techniques by making miniature buildings to fill up the skyline. ➡ LEGO Movie Maker App – Camera Tips and Tricks: This video will show you ways to use your camera for different video effects in your brickfilm. Important aspects are covered like framing your scenes, and when to use wide-shots and when to use close-ups. There is even a brilliant trick of using a LEGO magnifying glass to get really close shots with your camera. The second part of the tutorial goes in detail about moving your camera frame by frame. It also covers camera-movement like zooming, panning, and using a shaky camera for creating a dramatic effect. The end of the tutorial covers creating tracking-shots for car chase and other similar scenes. ➡ LEGO Movie Maker App – Animation Tips and Tricks: This video will show you how to improve the animation of your brickfilms. A

dvanced stop-motion filming concepts are covered like ease-in and ease-out, walking and running, making your LEGO minifigs fly. Also the tutorial talks about brick-effects, including changing the facial expression of minifigs, water effects, laser-gun effects, and even window breaking effect. As you can see, you can create some pretty advanced LEGO brickfilms just by using these short tutorials. Even if you are using some other animation software instead of the LEGO Movie Maker app the tutorials can be very valuable to get your started with creating LEGO stop-motion films. What do you think? Did you find these tutorials helpful? Have you made a brickfilm before? What was your experience? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! 😉
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Alex Eylar is an advanced LEGO scene creator from California, USA. Alex is in his young twenties and has become very well known for his brilliant movie scenes that he creates out of LEGO pieces;

his work has even been featured on the CNN and The Telegraph websites. He says his love for both LEGO and movies come from his childhood, and is surprised that his scene recreations have gone down so well with the public. He assumes that this is because most people are familiar with a lot of the films he depicts in his work. Great photography and editing skills play a large part in these fantastic creations, allowing Alex to create a great depth of field and make his work more realistic. You can view more of Alex’s LEGO experiments at his MOCpages profile, or on his Flickrstream, where he posts all of his projects, small and big. Indina Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid The Silence of the Lambs This post was put together exclusively for WDD by Callum Chapman, the man behind Picmix Store and Circlebox Blog. What do you think of these movie stills? Share your comments below!Lego Movie Maker Project Description

In this project, you will create a Lego Movie using the Lego Movie Maker Application on the iPad. The teacher will teach students about a subject area. For example, students will be learning about the Solar System.  Students will use Lego Story Starter Kits to build scenes for their movie.They will show the teacher their new knowledge using their movie. They can create scenes dealing with the Sun, Earth, or the rest of the Solar System. Students will create their scenes based about the lesson. Students will take pictures of their scenes and create a Lego Movie Maker with them. The instructions are below. Students/Teachers can ​​watch the tutorial video and the example video to get an idea of how the program works.​ Lego Movie Maker Instructions: 1. When you open the app on your iPad, there is a screen that pops up, press the red “Make a Movie” box. 2.You can add titles and credits to your movie. You can select from different title cards and name the movie.

3. Set up the scene that you want in your movie and touch the center of the screen of the iPad to take a picture. of it and then move the figures or scene to their next action pose and repeat. 4. In Capture mode, there are many different things that you can add to your movie. 5. Focus mode to focus your scenes. -Flash to turn the flash on and off -Grid to help line up and frame each shot -Onion skin to line up a current shot with the previous picture -Preview to preview your movie 6. In Edit mode, you can delete and insert a frame by taking a new picture. 7. Add music or record your own voice, color effects, and speed up and down your movies. 8. In the final steps, you have the option to build a new movie, go to the gallery, delete the current movie, go back, and edit the current movie and share the movie to the camera roll or upload it to YouTube. This video provides a brief tutorial on how to use Lego Movie Maker to create your own video for the classroom.