the lego movie lunch bag

the lego movie lunch bag

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The Lego Movie Lunch Bag


- 1 year 1 month ago After loading into the level you must find an Instruction Page to complete a build. Head down and to the right. You will need to break down obstacles and walls to get through. Do this by pressing the attack button, Square/X. EditGolden Manual 1 (Free Play mode) One of the five Golden Manuals is found by destroying all five security cameras located around the level. These can only be destroyed by characters with guns or throwable objects. The first two security cameras are found in the first area before the Instruction Page build. The next one is found to the left of the building with the drill. After that, there is a camera to the right of the conveyor belt heading up to the second floor. The last one is next to the "Coffee Cabin", where the workers are on break before fixing the speakers. Once on the other side, you must fix the broken blue generator on the right side of the Instruction Page machine. To do so, walk up to it and press the action button, Circle/B.

Only Construction characters can fix these machines. The machine will produce an Instruction Page. In order to get it, you must switch to Gail, the female Construction worker. Stand on the circle marked on the floor and jump up and into the machine to collect it. It is important to remember that females jump higher than male characters. EditGolden Manual 2 and 3 (Free Play mode) When playing this level in Free Play, the Deconstruction Zone can be accessed. It hides 2 Golden Manuals. (Note: If you are attempting to destroy all the security cameras, the first two will respawn after returning from the Deconstruction Zone. Be sure to destroy them again.) After loading into the level, break the walls to the right and continue through to the other area. In this area there will be a gold lock on the right wall. Break through this lock with any character that has the laser ability. This will lead you to the Deconstruction Zone, where there are 11 small houses. Knocking all of them down will reward you with the first Golden Manual.

The next Golden Manual is found by switching to President or Lord Business and using the switch on the right side of the Deconstruction Zone, behind the pipes shooting rainbow studs. After using the platform with President/Lord Business, walk over to the switch. A cut scene will play and the Golden Manual will drop right next to you. With the Instruction Page collected, head back over to the starting area. Walk up to the circle on the floor and press Circle/B to begin building. Only Construction characters can build from Instruction Pages. EditFirst Try This is a great place to get the First Try Trophy/Achievement. Quickly select the big round tree before losing any studs. After the cut scene you will be taken to the next part of the level. Fix the broken blue generator next to the door. This will open the door and allow you to get inside and collect the Pneumatic Drill. This drill can be used by any Construction character by pressing and holding Square/X. Use the drill to destroy the street, garden, and house on the right.

To destroy the house, walk up to the cracked, white frame and press and hold Square/X until the bar fills. After this the gate on the right will open. Immediately walk up and push the battery into the slot. There is another battery on the right side. To get to it, use a drill to destroy the cracked, white frame. On the resulting platfrom, use Gail to jump up on the trailer and push the battery off. Then jump down and push the battery forward into the plug. Go collect the Instruction Page form the foreman. Walk back over to the right to start a cut scene. After that you will need to stand one character on the crane's slate. With the other character, hop into the crane by pressing Triangle/Y. Move the slate up and then switch characters to fix the broken blue generator. Now you can head over to the right and walk up the conveyor belt. EditGOLDEN MANUAL 4 (FREE PLAY MODE) The third Golden Manual is by the crane. Head over all the way to the right and you will find a transparent rainbow brick wall.

Switch to Uni-Kitty and knock it down. The Golden Manual is in the room. Once on the second floor, push the plug into the outlet. You will then need to fix both speakers by jumping up and using your wrench. The speaker on the left can be reached by destroying the cracked, white frame with a drill and using the rubble as a platform to jump up from with Gail. Once both speakers are fixed, a quick-time dance mini-game will start. EditI could sing this song for hours, PANTS Get a score of "Awesome" 21 times. It is best to wait just a tenth of a second longer before pressing the button to get the "Awesome" rating. This will reward you with the I Could Sing This Song For Hours Trophy/Achievement. Getting three "Awesome" ratings will also unlock a pair of pants. Collect the second Instruction Page and use the slide to go back down. Build the crane and knock down the house.  EditGolden Manual 5 (Free Play Mode) After Emmet falls into a hole there will eventually be a 2D style cut scene where he is bounced around the tunnels.

After this he will land on a spike. At this point an option to tap Square (PS)/X (XBOX)/Y (Wii U) will appear, press it. Steer Emmet to fall through the stud circles. In the middle of the last circle will be the fifth and final Golden Manual of this level.'The Lego Movie' clicked with moviegoers, assembling an exceptional $69.1 million debut at the weekend box office, according to studio estimates.The better-than-expected result made the Warner Bros. collaboration with the Danish toy company easily the biggest hit of the year so far. A sequel is already in development for the 3-D animated film, digitally drawn to mimic a world composed entirely of Lego bricks.The film has drawn raves from critics. Co-directors and co-writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller ('21 Jump Street,' 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs') gave the film a playful tone to capture the whimsy of a child playing in a box of Legos. Characters are largely voiced by comic actors like Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt. The Lego Movie made $69.1m its debut weekend at the box office

The film marks the biggest animation hit for Warner Bros., a studio that despite popular live-action franchises has struggled to develop animated hits on par with other studios.'I can't imagine this not turning into a long-term franchise,' said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box-office tracker Rentrak. 'This is such a runaway success that Warner Bros is now a major player in the animated genre.'Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner Bros., said the film, made with a production budget of $60 million, resounded because of the popularity of the Lego brand. This is the first feature film for the toy company. Fellow toy-maker Hasbro has seen mixed results since the launch of the 'Transformers' franchise, which was followed by 'G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra' and the notorious flop 'Battleship.' The film marks the biggest animation hit for Warner Bros., a studio that despite popular live-action franchises has struggled to develop animated hits on par with other studios

George Clooney's World War II caper 'The Monuments Men' opened in second place with $22.7 million. Reviews have been weak for the based-on-a-true-story tale about the mission to retrieve artwork stolen by the Nazis.The Sony Pictures film was postponed from a Dec. 25 release because, Clooney then said, more time was needed to finish the visual effects. Clooney served as director, co-writer, producer and star on the film. 'The Monuments Men,' based on the nonfiction book by Robert Edsel and Brett Witter, was particularly popular with older moviegoers, with 75 percent of its audience aged 35 and older.'It's right where we hoped to be,' said Rory Bruer, head of distribution for Sony. 'There's a lot of love for George and the ensemble cast.' A sequel is already in development for the 3-D animated film Sliding to third was the cop comedy 'Ride Along,' with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. After three straight weeks atop the box office, the Universal film earned $9.4 million.The Weinstein Co.'s bid for a young adult franchise, 'Vampire Academy,' opened poorly with just $4.1 million.