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The new era of video game environments.

Video games have undergone a long development journey from the plastic box moment to the digital space. The video game industry has gone through a period from black-and-white Tetris to virtual reality in today.

In just three decades the video game industry has not only challenged other entertainment areas but also led them now. From PCs to video game consoles, from cell phones to tablets, you'll find video games that are interactive and decisive in every way.

Although high demand is high, the video game industry has faced problems in reaching the right audience and delivering productively.

The problemAs an area of ​​innovation and with so high demand in the industry one might think that creating content can be the biggest problem. Meanwhile, the real issue is distribution.

Many independent game developers and midsize companies along with large companies are coming up with the best products and games.

Developers are independent even with great ideas, but sometimes they have budgetary and distribution difficulties. Large companies face the problem of getting the right audience and price for their product.

About the MarketBy 2017, Video Games revenues have surpassed annual revenues of $ 100 billion and $ 104.6 billion today. A jump of 12% this year is projected to increase by 60-80% by 2020, reaching $ 168.8 billion.

A new wave of game delivery comes with the advent of digital companies. With many games available on a variety of platforms, a better distribution is achieved in the market.

Problem Solving About Abyss.

Abyss is a new digital distribution and marketing platform for the gaming industry, with a particular focus on free-to-play MMO games.

With an internal economy powered by cryptographic cards called ABYSS tokens, Abyss promises to bring us a next generation gaming platform with a variety of flexible product promotion options and Analytical capabilities for developers and motivational rewards for players.

How Does Abyss Work?

Multilevel referral system.

A variety of incentive schemes will be incorporated into The Abyss platform to help developers promote their games while increasing revenue and attracting and retaining players based on the multi-level referral system.

This means that players will be able to earn rewards (ABYSS tokens) from payments and other activities such as creating the content and achievements of the people they refer. But not only the people they refer directly, because this system has 5 levels of depth meaning they can also earn from their invited referrals, etc. Players will also have more muscle.

To earn money from making money on the content of the games they have created and participating in the in-game auction.Then they will be able to receive these rewards on their personal Ethereum wallet. Game developers will not only be able to earn from their in-game payments but also by referring players to other games in the platform.

They will also benefit from 5 introductory levels. Developers will receive 70% of all payments made in their own game, with another 30% of the platform itself. One third of the cuts made by this platform are reserved for the bonus system, with the first level referral earning 40% of the available funds, the next two levels will earn 20% and the last two levels earn 10%.

Additional benefits for developers

Developers will be able to choose to receive their earnings as code or secret, no matter what currency the player uses. Using the referral system will reduce the cost of acquiring players while maintaining the player.

In addition, developers will be offered the option of rolling out their games in alpha or beta versions and raising funds for development through crowdfunding.

Internal ad networks will allow them to purchase traffic based on the CPA (cost-per-action) model from other games in the platform. Meanwhile, an advanced analytics system will provide developers with statistics on all stages of user behavior in their games, including ARPU, MAU, ROI, and LTV.

Token And ICO.

The ABYSS token is widely used in the platform.

In fact, most services will use this token, including:

Internal CPA network.

Introduction and incentive programs.

Auction items in the game.

Link system.

Reward system for content creation.

Transfer money between users.

Abyss was designed and developed by Destiny Games as a leading developer and publisher of video games in Russia.

With experience in starting and running the project, the team consists of experienced staff such as Konstantin (Sephiroth) Bokyo-Romanovsky, founder and more than 17 years of experience.

The head of Vladimir Kurochkin has over 12 years of experience in the gaming industry. Abyss promises to solve the problem of accessing and distributing Video Games. 

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