News 08.11.2018

News 08.11.2018


Greetings, friends! 🀝 Yesterday's burst of activity in SPARTA trading brought out lots of positive emotions, but it's not only trading we can be happy about. ELDORADO has other news to make you feel positive. Here we go! :sunglasses:

1. Our users have already received payments worth 5 bln SPA (nearly $ 1 mln)! :moneybag:πŸ€‘

ELDORADO pays off. It pays a lot. In all the time the System has existed, its users have withdrawn over 5 bln SPA. Even with today's SPA price, it's nearly 1 mln dollars! Considering the price was higher in the past, users have received a lot more in actual fact. Would you like to take delight in stable payments? In this case continue or start to make donations on ELDORADO!

2. Number of website visitors has grown considerably! 10,000 news users over 2 weeks! :rocket::clap:

Promotion and activities by leaders bear fruit β€” our website is visited by lots of users on a daily basis, and it has seen over 10,000 new users over the last 2 weeks. TOP countries that visit the website are Russia, Indonesia and Nigeria.

3. Most bonuses have been unlocked! :white_check_mark::ok_hand:

Things have been underway with bonuses β€” we've unlocked most bonuses, and we'll deal with the rest of them. Don't worry and continue to be active in inviting new users β€” it's going to be fine.

In a nutshell, it's working, everyone gets paid! Make donations and earn 30% per month, invite new users and build teams β€” and earn some awesome bonuses. ELDORADO is a digital treasure that is changing the world. :gem:

Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team! Welcome to the Club! :heart_eyes: