I.                   Causative Have – Complete the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original sentences. Use have something done.

EX: Somebody is going to write Mike’s biography. Mike _is going to have his biography written_.

   1. A translator is checking his letter of application.

     He __________________________________________________ .

  2. The burglar had broken into our apartment.


  3. The shop delivers food to Mary’s house.

      Mary __________________________________________.

  4. John will take the photos for us.

      We_____________________________________________.                                                                         /4

II.               Articles – fill in the correct article in the sentences a, an, the or Ø

  1. I like ______blue T-shirt over there, better than ______read one.
  2. Their car goes 140 km _______hour.
  3. Where is ________USB drive I lent you last week?
  4. Do you still live in _______ Bristol?
  5. My mother and I visited ______Lake Sabljaci with our friends from _______ Turkey.
  6. Is your mother working in________old office building?
  7. I think that_______beauty isn't ______most important thing in the world.
  8. ______mullet hairstyle became popular in the 1970s.
  9. Shall we climb ________ Mount Everest next year, or you would like to visit _____Rockies first?
  10.  I believe that ________health is _______most important thing.                                                          /15


III.            A) Put the correct form of the verbs in brackets (-ing form/to infinitive/base ore infinitive)

EX: I might _prepare_________(prepare) some chicken salad for lunch

  1. I can't stand________ (work) with all that noise.
  2. She refused __________(give) any information on her biggest clients.
  3. My mum never lets me _________(eat) sweets before dinner.
  4. I feel like _________(cook) some stew.
  5. Did he manage ____________(reduce) the amount of sugar in his diet?
  6. I miss ___________(have) meals at regular times.
  7. I hate adverts! It's impossible to avoid ___________(see) them on TV, in newspapers, on billboards. So, I have decided ____________(join) anti-advertising pressure group.                                                          /8

IV.             Put the correct form of the HOT verbs have, make or do in the sentences. Pay attention to the correct tense that you use.

1.     You need to _________ up your mind soon.

2.     This flat is dirty because we haven't __________any cleaning lately.

3.     I _________my homework every day.

4.     We are __________ a party later tonight, will you join us?

5.     She has __________ a terrible mistake.

6.     It's incredible hot. I am going to __________ a cold shower.

7.     Tom __________ a huge favour for me yesterday. He told the teacher that he would like to do an essay about „Hamlet“. I was so glad. Now I can _________ an essay on „Romeo and Juliet“.   /8