Practical Task

Resubmitted by Tabinda Kiran

Scenario 1

In this scenario the tutor needs to get back to the one who is complaining as well as the one who is blamed not to be contributing.

First he can send an email to the member who is complaining thanking him for his concern and ensuring him that the matter will bea looked into.

Then the tutor needs to find out if the complaint is justified or not. He can send another email to the one who is not participating in the group task asking him if he is finding it difficult to do the task and if he needs support in this regard[SW1] . 

Next he can generate a discussion thread and he can suggest to ‘appoint a group manager who can organise the group work and ensure everybody contributes in a timely fashion and does the allocated tasks.’ They can be asked ‘to choose a communication channel’ (taken from COLT’s platform for pair activity in Module 2) and provide some evidence of their participation and discussion like screen shots as appendices while submitting the task. In the same post he can explain the criteria for group task emphasizing the importance of equal participation and contribution in this regard and mentioning the consequences of not sharing the load[SW2] .


I think you might still go further in solving this issue. There is still a tendency to presume that the person is guilty and the action goes from to people to the whole group. I am confused as to why you then reset the task that must already be in progress.

This means that this scenario is not successful but overall you got two out of three and therefore the task as a while can be graded a weak pass.



 [SW1]This doesn’t necessarily show you that was justified or not

 [SW2]But hasn’t this already been done? This is like task set up at the beginning would it nor be confusing to change the way the task works?