Jade Regent - Supplemental Material

Jade Regent - Supplemental Material


Jade Regent - Player's Guide

This book is the sourcebook for Jade Regent Adventure Path, it introduces you to the Tian Xia ambientation, along with the description of the races and classes and how they live in this region to help you create a character that fits in Jade Regent Ambientation.

Player's guide introduces the four key NPC's and provides a list of campaign traits connected with one or more of theese NPC's.

The last and biggets part of the guide is about the Caravans, an important aspect of the first part of the adventure since the players will travel for so long on theese vehicles. This section describes the key aspects of caravan, such as level, health points, equipment and feats.

Player's Guide cover - 28 pages

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Jade Regent - Dragon Empires Gazetteer

This is another sourcebook of Jade Regent Adventure Path, in this publication there are over twenty nations and regions details along with five new playable races:

  • Kitsune: A fox-headed humanoid shapechanger known for their trickery and love of beautiful things.
  • Nagaji: Serpent-like creature native of Tian Xia real of Nagajor.
  • Samsaran: Blue-skinned humanoid who can remember their pas reincarnations.
  • Tengu: feathered humanoid creature with the head of a crow.
  • Wayangs: The wayangs are a race of small supernatural humanoids who trace their ancestry to the Plane of Shadows.

This book also cotains the details of the deities of the region, a timeline of the past history and information about society, factions, philosophies, zodiac languages and more.

Dragon Empires Gazetteer - 64 pages

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