Joseph Curl spreads fake news about Sweden

Joseph Curl spreads fake news about Sweden

Ernesto Kenyano

Joseph Curl used to cover the White House for the Washington Times. Since working for the Moonies obviously wasn't whacky enough, he now contributes to some outfit called Daily Wire as well.

There, he writes things like "Trump sure was right about Sweden," an article prominently adorned with a photo of an angry crowd clashing with police.

Except, a quick image search shows the picture was taken in...Italy.

Because nothing says 'journalistic credibility' like putting a picture from the wrong country on top of your story in a transparent attempt at misleading readers.

Here's the original Getty photo.

As you might imagine, Joseph Curl's assertion that "Sweden...HAS become a stinking cesspool of rape and violence perpetrated by the refugees" is complete nonsense. His source for this information? Articles in Breitbart and the Daily Mail, two noted peddlers of anti-migrant hatred.

Joseph Curl is fake news. Don't trust Joseph Curl.