Фриланс бурж

Фриланс бурж

Константин Рогожкин


Hello, my name is Konstantin.

I have experience in data analytic in PowerBI, SQL.

I can do different integrations with API of all services and collect data from it.

I have a 10-years working with web/sql/php technologies.

I have experience in design web-sites and UI interface.

I have management experience to control and find command to work IT services.

I have used Power BI now:

This my own report for company in PowerBI:


This report show us profit and loss company splitted by Day/Month. This data is calculated from SQL database and Google Spreadsheet and we have integration with CRM.

First, we look a lead counts in table. We have a calculated CR - rate and total profit by day.


Second, we have a calculated difference in profit by day (today) and day today -1 month.


Every day we have calculated total incoming by this month from 1st day to now (cumulative):


Next, we have a calculated total incoming profit in previous month from 1st day to this day month ago:


Profit graph by day:


Graph by difference this month and previous.


This is statistics by our clients. 


Average sales by week day


Project: sales manager dashboard


This is my commented version:


Data to this dashboard collected from 3 sources:

1) VOIP phone system (minutes of talk)

2) CRM system (leads and sales)

3) HR SQL database

All data connected to PowerBI and compose in one dashboard.