Telegram Channels Initiative

Telegram Channels Initiative

#TCI creators

The number of channels is growing rapidly. There are channels with tens of thousands and even millions of followers. However, it's not exactly about English channels.

The number of high-quality channels providing original content in English is minuscule. There are great bots, some decent supergroups, yet no author blogs. We, as the owners of channels catalogues and some of the largest English channels, see it especially clearly. 

The thing that we want to offer is the Telegram Channels Initiative(#TCI).

What exactly do we offer?

The free promotion in a bunch of the largest channels in Telegram. For now, our initiative was supported by:

and some more. We are not anyhow related to Telegram authorities, yet share their beliefs and values.

Where is the trick? You don't want us to pay, and you give us a cool offer. What's going on?

You are right; there is a trap. We have some requirements for channels which would like to participate:

You need to publish original content

We like your daily selections of beautiful photos from the Internet; we are fond of cats that are automatically downloaded from r/Cats... but all this stuff has nothing to do with our initiative. We want to promote original content on Telegram. We are looking for author blogs and channels like that.

You need to publish content regularly

Your channel should receive regular updates and not only every few months. If the latest post was on September 22nd, something went wrong.

You are not posting inappropriate content

We won't look at a channel that is propagandising any forms of discrimination.

Your channel is in English

Currently, this is a must. Let's start with it, and we'll see how it goes.

Okay, that's it! If you feel like you suit all the requirements, just tell us about it — filling this tiny form:

If you feel like you want to support our initiative in any way — do the same thing, but mention it in the "Description of the channel" field.

We believe that it's a new beginning for author channels on Telegram. If you want to help and don't have a channel of your own — please forward this message to your friends, cats and colleagues who have channels.