"What do you want with me? I have not done nothing. It is a shame and a scandal to bring me here! You are swine, how dare you?" His manner changed suddenly. "No, no, I do not mean that — you would not hurt a poor old man — not be hard on him. Everyone is hard on poor old Franz. Poor old Franz."

Mr. Ascher started to weep.

"That'll do, Ascher," said the inspector. "Pull yourself together. I'm not charging you with anything — yet. And you're not bound to make a statement unless you like. On the other hand, if you're not concerned in the murder of your wife —"


Ascher interrupted him (Эшер прервалего) — his voice rising to a scream (егоголос /при этом/ перерос в крик; to rise — подниматься). "I did not kill her (я неубивал ее)! I did not kill her! It is all lies(это все ложь)! You are goddamned English pigs (вы проклятые английские свиньи)— all against me (все против меня). I never kill her (я никогда = вовсе не убивал ее) — never."

"You threatened to often enough, Ascher (вы слишком часто угрожали, Эшер)."

"No, no. You do not understand (вы непонимаете). That was just a joke (это былапросто шутка) — a good joke between me and Alice (хорошая шутка между мною иЭлис). She understood (она понимала; to understand)."