step sister love_(1)

step sister love_(1)


step sister love

so this is a true story about my step sister. whos fucking hot as hell by the way. i know alot of guys wish they could have there step sisters...well i did.

it started a very dull and boring day. all of us kids were playing outside like any normal day while the parents were out shopping or what ever they do. we were all havin a water balloon fight and that was when i noticed my step sister for the first time. a little bout her her name is brandi and omg is she sexy. nice slim athletic build b cup boobs and a nice ass to match. at that moment she was a goddess in my eyes. i didnt wanna take my eyes off her but i knew if i kept staring at her she would notice and plus my dick was already starting to get erect. so i stopped staring and ran inside so i could take care of myself in the bathroom.

while i was in the bathroom doing wat i had to do the door opened and i realized i forgot to lock it. well in the doorway was brandi she saw me jerking off and her jaw just dropped and than she backed away and shut the door. after that incident i was really embarresed and my erection went soft. so i pulled up my boxers and shorts and walked out of the bathroom and to my surprise she was standing at the end of the hallway waiting for me. brandi sorry...i...i didnt mean to walk in on you i had to pee and didnt know anyone was in there. me its ok. at this point my face was red as hell. brandi well im going to go pee now than ill be back out me ok. as she walked down the hall towards the bathroom she passed me and as she did she brushed her hand against my dick in my pants. now if she did that on purpose or not idk. but what i do know is that i knew exacty wat i was going to fantasize about that night.

as the day passed my mind raced over and over bout brandi and what i wanted to do with her. every chance i got i checked her out and every time i did she got more and more beautiful. well later on that night our parents told us we can watch a movie before bed but they were going to bed so of course we said ok. so we had our little brother and sister that were watching a movie with us pick. well they picked some little kids movie but that was ok cus my focus was no were near that movie. espeacially since everyone was in there pjs and all i noticed was brani. she wasnt wearing pj pants like normal but for some reason tonight she was wearin a night gown that cut off litte above her knees. now idk if she did this to tease or just because thats what she wanted to wear but what ever the reason it was a turn on.

well the parents went and i was sitting on one end of the couch and brandi was sitting on the other end. our little brother and sister were on the floor passed out. brandi are they passed out? me ya i think so brandi u think i can come cuddle with you? me i would say yes but i was going to go to bed myself brandi oh...ok. shit i blew a chance to have her close to me by telling her i was going to bed. but since it was to late to fix my mistake i went to my room to go to bed even tho i was far from being tired. so i stripped like normal down to my boxers and was just bout to climb into bed when there was a soft knock on the door. so i went over to the door and when i opened it it was brandi. me come in...what do you need brandi? brandi i had a nightmare last night and im really scared so i was wondering if i could cuddle with you in your bed tonight? me ok but i sleep in the nude just saying. even tho i dont really sleep in the nude i was kinda trying to scare her away but to my surprise. brandi its ok i sleep in the nude to me ok well lets go to bed than. with a smile on her face she took off her night gown and underneath she was wearing light blue see through bra and panties.

after the night gown was off my dick twitched it was starting to get erect. and thanas i turned away from her she said can you help me? me ya what can i do? brandi can you unsnap my bra for me? me sure thing sis. so i went behind her and unsnapped her bra and she took it off than she grabbed the top of her panties and pulled them down while i was standing right behind her still. i got a really good look at her ass and i just wanted to touch it but i dont know. once her clothes were off she turned towards me and said your turn. luckily i was able to control myself and my dick wasnt hard hard. so i took down my boxers and i saw her bite her lip while lookin at it but at the same time i was admiring her b cup perky tits and shaven pussy. brandi well are you ready for bed? me yup after you brandi first a hug. she wrapped her arms around me boobs pressed against chest and my dick pressed against her. brandi thanks now shut the light off and come cuddle with me so i dont have any nightmares me ok. but saying ok wasnt everything hell my mind was racing with dirty shit but i shut the lights off.

than i joined her in bed her head on my arm back against my chest and butt against my dick and my arm around her with my hand on her stomach. brandi i like this im really comfortable me same here brandi its like our bodies were meant for eachother they fit perfectly like a puzzle me they do nice and snug. as i said that i tightened my grip pulling her in closer. brandi this is amazing...i got a weird but nice feeling going through me me ya me to...its like this was meant to be. we looked at each other than slowly our lips touched and it sent a fire blazing through my body. we kissed for 10 min tongueing eachothers mouths. brandie wow! that was all hot and wet down there me i enjoyed every minute of it and im hard as a rock brandi i know i can feel it it feels good. she rolled on her other side to face me and reached her hand down there and grabbed my dick and started rubbing it. brandi mmm your dick is nice and hard and soft at the same time. with a smile on her face she said that. as she rubbed my dick i leaned over and started kissing her again at same time my hand wondered up to her boobs. i rubbed her tits and they were rock hard like my cock.

i stopped kissing her mouth and she stopped rubbing my dick. than i kissed down her face to her earlobe nibbled on that for a bit than kissed down to her neck were i bit and sucked to leave her a hikki. than i kissed down her chest until my lips were sucking on her nipples. while i was biting and sucking on her nipples she was moaning. brandi omg that feels so good. so i stopped gave her a couple kisses. me are you ready? brandi yes stick it in me baby. so i got in between her legs rubbed my dick around her clit put it against the hole and pushed in slowly. brandi mmm feels so good keep it deep in me for a minute and kiss me. so i started kissing her with my dick deep down inside her.

slowly i pumped my dick in and out of her nicely tight pussy it was amazing. her goddess status tripled. she was starting to moan and i started going faster which made her moan louder so she put a pillow over her mouth as i kept pounding away. than after a half hour i slowed down and we started to kiss again. me im going to cum babe brandi i want to feel your cum inside me me are you sure? brandi yes cum inside of me. so i pushed my dick deepdown inside her and spit my cum in her. after i was done i pulled out and we started making out again until we fell asleep.

the next morning

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