sson 2

sson 2

He stood on her doormat squirming in his tight polo shirt. She opened the door and smiled sweetly at him and said, "Hey, bitch."

She turned around and waved her hand, "Come in. Take off your shoes and socks." 

He did as he was directed and then followed her into the kitchen where she poured two glasses of wine. They made small talk and were casually sizing each other up with their eyes. She finished her drink and laughed, "Hurry up and finish! I'm ready to play."

She started 50 cent's P.I.M.P on the speakers and broke out into a giggle and broad smile. She started swaying and dancing while biting her lip and mouthing the lyrics. She glided up and grooved against him. He made a snarky comment about not wanting to dance. She rolled her eyes, "You sure?"

She took her hand and touched his chest and felt down to his crotch and thighs. She cooed, "I like the way you feel." 

As she stroked him, she looked directly in his eyes and asked mischievously, "Now, you ready to dance?"

He considered his response for a moment then smirked, "Okay, you've convinced me."

She sauntered over to a cabinet, pulled out another glass, and filled it with ice. Glass in hand, she stated, "Come with me and no more talking. You already know what happens when you talk too much."

She took his hand, kissed his fingers, and led him to the bedroom where she already had her playlist featuring Al Marconi's soft melodic spanish guitar music playing. She closed the door. She pressed her body against his and their lips met. She nibbled his bottom lip and sighed heavily as their tongues touched. The kiss deepened as her hands caressed his shoulders and back as his hands stroked her hair and grabbed her ass.

She moved forward into him and forced him to step back awkwardly. Still connected, she pushed him up against the door and it jostled as his back slammed into it. Her body molded into his as she pressed hard up against his rigid form.

She finally pulled away and opened her eyes. As their eyes met, she lifted his shirt up over his head, but paused so it blocked his eyes while his arms were outstretched over his head. She purred, pressed against him, and kissed him hard and deep while tracing the outsides of his forearms and biceps with her fingertips. When she reached his chest, she drew swirls with her nails over to his nipples.

She pulled away again and fully removed his shirt. Before his right hand could fall, she held it high above his head against the door. With her other hand, she grabbed the waiting cuff hanging down from the top of the door. She secured his wrist. When his body twitched with surprise, she pressed her body hard into him and breathed a soft, "Shhhhhh." 

She took his mouth into hers as she lifted his other hand above his head. She pulled away as she pressed it against the door and tightened the other cuff around his wrist. She took a step back and surveyed what was on display. 

She bit her lip as her eyes roamed over his trapped body that was all hers to enjoy. Her gaze started at the tips of his fingers above his head, moved down his muscular arms, to his slightly flexed chest studded with dark hairs, to his long abdomen, over his bulging crotch, down his legs, and to his wiggling toes. 

She closed her eyes and swayed with the music. He stared helplessly as she traced her face and neck with her hands and ran her fingers through her hair. As she gyrated with the music, her fingers made broad strokes over her chest. His eyes went wide as she threw her head back when her fingertips made circles around her nipples. She opened her eyes and met his gaze as she lifted her hair on top of her head and swayed. 

His breath caught as she slowly slunk closer and started to softly kiss his chest and lick her way to a nipple. Her fingers stroked his outstretched arm as she gently took one nipple between her teeth and flicked the other with her fingernail. He moaned softly and shifted his hips as she licked her way across his chest to his other nipple. Her tongue caressed his nipple in time with the music, slow and sensual. 

With her mouth occupied, her nails softly scratched his skin leaving a trail starting with his taut arms. He sighed when she reached his neck. Then felt her touch his chest and down his abdomen. Her lips released his elongated nipple and she swayed with the music as she planted deep kisses down his belly. She let out a loud breath when her hands rubbed his crotch. The bulge in his pants was very prominent and she giggled. 

She moved lower and grazed the outsides of his thighs and calves. She looked up at him and met his eyes. He moaned when she stood up slowly with the music and rubbed up along the inseam of both legs. As she rose, she pressed her body against his and swayed with the music. She wiggled from side to side pushing into his hard cock. 

She pulled away and slowly moved with the music and tugged her sweater over her head revealing a black bra. She rubbed her hands over her chest and massaged her breasts and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes and drew circles along her chest and belly button and danced with the music.

His eyes widened as she moved back towards him and kissed him full on the mouth. She took a long deep kiss from him and then reached down and released a throaty laugh. Her fingers touched his leather belt clasp. As she swayed with the music, she loosened the belt, undid his button, and pulled down his zipper. He gasped as she bent down quickly and pulled his pants and boxers down around his ankles.

His legs trembled as she kissed and licked her way up the inside of one leg as she dragged her fingernails along the inside of his other leg. She stood half way up and trapped his erect cock between her breasts. He sighed loudly when she rubbed her chest against him slowly with the music. She stood the rest of the way up and kissed him aggressively on the mouth while her hands stroked the sides of his body. 

She swayed with the music, pulled away, and eyed his outstretched naked body. He met her eyes and watched her greedily as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. It fell away down to the floor and she licked her lips as she grabbed her breasts with both hands and squeezed. One hand moved lower and she moaned as she rubbed her crotch slowly. 

Slinking closer to him, she pressed her bare chest against his as their lips met. As the kiss deepened, she reached over to the glass on the dresser and plucked an ice cube out. He sucked in a deep breath and she laughed as she rubbed the ice cube down one of his outstretched arms. A trail was left down along the side of his chest and abdomen, then up along the center of his belly and chest. She moved it over to one nipple and rubbed it around in a circle. She followed the icy trail with her tongue. He shuddered as she moved over to the other nipple and traced the line of cold with her mouth.

She let out a throaty laugh and then placed the ice cube in her mouth. She swayed with the music and slowly kissed across his chest and down his torso. His skin felt her move the ice around in her mouth as she traced his hips and the outside of his thigh. She shifted to move up his inner thigh and kissed sensually with her warm lips and then pressed the cold ice against his skin and felt him jerk. As she moved up, his eyes widened as she moved her mouth very close to his cock. She carefully blew cold air on the head and saw his balls contract up into his body. She giggled as he inhaled sharply.

As she stood up, she dragged the ice cube in her mouth along the center of his body while her fingertips glided over his sides. She kissed slowly up his neck and met his mouth. She pushed the ice cube into his mouth and followed it with her tongue. The kiss deepened as they traded it back and forth.

Once the ice cube melted, she stepped back and slipped her leggings off while swaying with the music. She closed her eyes and danced to the music. Her hands rubbed her chest, belly, and hips. One of her hands moved to her hair while the other slipped down to the front of her black panties. Her hand moved slowly against her crotch and she moaned. She pushed aside the crotch of her panties and rubbed with her palm while she inserted her middle finger and fingered herself. 

As her hand rubbed, he saw her nipples elongate as she pinched one then the other. She removed her hand from her crotch, opened her eyes, and met his gaze. She smiled slyly and brought her middle finger up to her lips. Slowly, she licked its length as she sauntered closer to him. She pressed up against him and swayed with the music. Leisurely, she moved her hands up his torso, chest, then neck. She when reached his chin, she placed her middle finger into his mouth. He caressed it with his tongue and he tasted the salty, sweetness of her and groaned. 

She rubbed her body against him and then turned around. She swayed and felt his erect cock pressing into her back. With one hand on her breast, she reached up with the other and her fingers softly glided down his outstretched arm. Her head was tilted slightly and he leaned his head down to nibble on her ear. She slid her hands down along the sides of his body and held his hips as she ground her back against him.

She stepped forward and moved away from him. She danced to the music as she turned around. Her eyes met his as she hooked her thumbs into her panties and tugged. She slowly bent over and slipped them off. She smiled as she saw his eyes roam over her naked body as she swayed with the music. He felt the warmth of her body press against him when she moved close. 

He sighed heavily as she reached over and grabbed another ice cube. She slid herself along his body and knelt down. She cooed appreciatively as she reached up with the ice cube up and drew a figure eight around his nipples on his chest. She left a cool trail as she slid it down along the front of his abdomen. He gasped as it entered his belly button. 

He shook as he felt the ice cube move lower to his groin and finally to his balls. He hissed as the ice touched his sensitive skin. She giggled as she moved the ice cube around and up along his shaft. She saw wide eyes when she looked up at him and her lips formed a sly grin. She caressed the length of his cock with the ice cube then blew cool air between her lips. She let out a throaty chuckle and watched him tremble as it melted against the head.

She moved her shoulders with the music and slowly stood up. He inhaled deeply as she stepped back and closed her eyes. She touched the ice cube to her chest and moaned softly as she drew circles with it around one nipple making it erect and then moving to the other. Finally, she reached out and traced his lips with the ice shard and placed it into his mouth. 

She smiled broadly and stepped away from him while swaying and dancing with the music. She picked up her vibrator that was on the dresser next to the glass with ice. He watched as she danced seductively and licked the length of the vibrator with her tongue. She traced down her neck and chest with the vibrator and slipped it between her breasts. 

She met his eyes and slowly laid down across the floor in front of him. Her hips and bent leg blocked his direct view, but he heard her moan as she carefully inserted the vibrator into her waiting, wet pussy. He looked down at her as she held his gaze when she turned it on. 

She groaned softly at first and then wiggled her hips as her breath quickened. She finally closed her eyes and arched her back. He saw tiny beads of sweat form on her body and her face constricted. She was breathing heavy and fast. She moaned loudly and her whole body tightened as she let out a final long wail. He saw her body relax and soften. She opened her eyes, smiled, removed the vibrator and placed it on her chest. 

She remained on the floor and closed her eyes again letting the pleasure set into her body. After a time, she slowly stood up holding the vibrator. She leaned her body against his and trapped his cock. She pressed her lips softly against his as she swayed gently from side to side. She moved her head back and brought the vibrator up to his mouth. "Lick it clean, bitch," she instructed. 

When she was satisfied, she smiled at him, kissed him lightly on the mouth, and stepped away. She looked around the room and found her clothes. He watched her slide her panties and leggings back on, fasten her bra, and then slip her sweater over her head.

She moved close to him and bent down. She grabbed his boxers that were around his ankles and slid them up his legs. He sucked in a breath as the waist band snapped around his cock. His pants were pulled up next, buttoned, zipped, and then belt fastened. She bent down and picked up his shirt. She pressed her chest against him as she kissed him softly on the lips and slipped his shirt over his head. She released one cuff, then the other and smiled, "Bitch, finish putting your shirt on."

She led him by the hand back to the front door and smiled at him sweetly, "You have to go and finish yourself at home as I've got shit to do."

She opened the door, swatted his ass as she pushed him through the door, and cooed, "Thank you very much for a lovely afternoon and text me next week."