son's Wild Ride

son's Wild Ride

Mr. Johnson took a seat behind his desk, his body weary from his first day of work, but his mind racing. Racing with ideas, with hope, with the unbridled optimism that often accompanies a first year college professor. He looked out over the now empty classroom, reflecting on the day, when suddenly the door at the far end of the room opened, and in walked one of the most gorgeous women Mr. Johnson had ever seen. Her ample curves were hidden under a tight skirt and suit jacket, but her sparkling green eyes and wavy auburn hair were plainly visible.

"I'm flattered, but if we're going to have a professional relationship, you should probably be able to close your mouth around me." she said with a wink, making her way through the room toward his desk. He suddenly realized his jaw was on his chest, and gathered himself. 

"My apologies Mrs..."

"It's Ms...Ms. Adams. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Johnson. Nice to see the face all the female staff and half the students have been going on about."

Mr. Johnson gave her a look of mild confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Oh please. As if you didn't know. It's not often such a handsome young man joins our ranks. You've garnered quite the fanclub."

He thought it might happen, but was shocked it had happened so widely and so soon. Eli was fully aware that he was a rather attractive man. He caught himself smiling at the thought, before bringing himself back to the conversation. "Well, I assure you, my interactions with both students and faculty have been nothing but professional."

"I'm not the police, Eli." She giggled, seating herself at the closest corner of his desk, and crossing her stocking clad legs in front of her. "I'm not here to grill you. I just wanted to meet you, and find out if you're as cute as everyone says."

"Well?" He asked with a smile.

"I think I need to see more. A few of us have a little tradition of taking a swim once the athletic building is locked down. You should join us tonight."

"I...uuuh...sure! Yeah! That would be fantastic. I'd love to meet some more of my colleagues."

"Alright then. Nine o'clock. Bring a swimsuit... or don't. You're call." with that, and a wink, Ms. Adams made her way back across the room, leaving Eli to stare at her perfectly rounded backside as she disappeared behind the door. He sat back in his chair once again, unable to stop a smile from creeping across his face. It vanishes quickly, however, when the realization hit him like a bucket of ice water.

"Oh no..."

___ ___ __ _ ___ _ ___

[8:45 that night]

Eli stood in his small, dorm like room, staring at his own naked form in the mirror. He liked most of what he saw. A trim, but chiseled upper torso, thick black hair, emerald green eyes. He was a handsome man and he knew it. His smile disappeared when his eyes traveled downward to the one body part he had always been insecure about. 

Puberty had generally been kind to Eli Johnson, except that his cock had not grown as much as he hoped it would, leaving him with a tiny, almost button like grower that reached three and a half inches on a good day. He always kept it shaved, but that did very little for the appearance. With a resigned frown, he reached over onto his bed, and grabbed the black, jockstrap like garment sitting there. He stares at the front, reading the logo "Bulge Builder 3000" in big red letters across the front. He took a moment to adjust the padded, waterproof bulge in the front, before slipping it on over his muscular legs. A little more adjusting and he was finished. He pulled on his blue jeans, and posed a little in the mirror, staring at his artificial bulge, a subtle smile replacing his apprehension.

The dimmed lighting in the locker room gave it an eerie, but almost cozy feel, as Eli opened a locker, and began changing, moving quickly as to avoid being seen. He gave his fake bulge on final adjustment, took a deep breath, and stepped out into the large, darkened pool area to see five other people already hanging out by the edge of the water with a cooler full of drinks.

"Eli!" Ms. Adams was the first to notice him, hopping up and bounding across the deck. For a moment, he was hypnotized by her curvy, bikini clad body quickly moving toward him. "I'm glad you showed up!"

"Oh uh, yeah. Me too." He stammered awkwardly, as he made his way over to the rest of the group, which consisted of two rather attractive young women, both with similar chocolate brown hair. One had tan skin and a rather curvy figure, while the other was more fair, with a much slender frame. They both smiled at him. There were also two well built male teachers he had only met briefly. All he knew was the blonde was Mr. Michaels who taught Chemistry, and the slightly balding, red headed man was Mr. Crandall from the psych department.

"Mr. Johnson!" said Mr. Crandall, reaching up to shake his hand. "Good to see you again!"

Mr. Johnson returned the handshake, and took a seat at the edge of the pool with everyone else. "Nice to see you again Mr. Crandall."

"Please, Walter."

"OK Walter, and everyone else. Please call me Eli."

"Very well then. Obviously you're acquainted with Ms. Adams. Allow me to introduce you to Ms. Chavez and Ms. Sanders. Both joined our staff last year."

After the introductions, the night was almost a blur to Eli. The drinks and laughter flowed freely, as the group swam about, splashing each other and enjoying the night. Ms. Adams clearly took an interest in him, flirting and making sure to stay near him most of the night. He certainly wasn't going to stop her. 

Around midnight, the three women were floating around in the pool, and the three men were sitting on a bench next to it drinking what was left of the beer. It was this moment that Mr. Crandall chose to stand up and shout, even though it was just the six of them. "Alright everyone! We have begun the clothing optional part of our evening!"

Before Eli could react, both men stood up on either side of him, and dropped their swim trunks, both revealing rather impressive members. Cheers of joy came from the women in the pool, as they all quickly removed their tops. 

"Come on Eli." came Ms. Adams' voice in a light, mocking tone. "Is somebody shy?"

Eli realized he had just been sitting and staring. His brain scrambled for a response.

"I...I uh... I mean I don't think-" he stammered.

"Oh no." said Mr. Michaels. "You're not getting away with that. It's tradition." With that, Mr. Michaels grabbed one of his arms, and Mr. Crandall grabbed the other. He tried to wiggle free, but together they were too strong for him.

"Alright ladies!" said Mr. Crandall, causing Eli's heart to beat heavy in his chest. "Who wants to do the honors?" Immediately Ms. Adams' hand went up.

"I brought him. It's only fair that I get to perform the unveiling."

"Come on, guys. Please don't do this. There's no need." He begged, but Ms. Adams was already crawling up the ladder. The sight of her bare breasts bouncing with her steps caused Eli to stop begging, almost completely forgetting his predicament for a moment. That is, until she dropped to her knees in front of him, and slowly wrapped her fingers around the waistband of his trunks.

"No, please." Eli couldn't even finish getting the words out before she yanked his swimsuit to the ground, revealing the false bulge apparatus beneath. There was a moment of silence, followed by gales of laughter.

"Oh my god!" She howled "What the hell are you wearing? What does that say? Bulge Builder 3000? Oh my god, Eli stuffed his trunks!"

More laughter as Eli turned bright red, and once again tried to free himself, to no avail. Escape seeming impossible, he reverted back to begging.

"Please let me go! I'll go back to my room, and we never have to talk about this again."

"Oh no." replied Ms. Adams. "Not before I get a peak at whatever this thing is compensating for."

Before he could protest, she hooked the front of the waistband and pulled it forward, looking down to see Eli's shrunken cock, made even smaller than usual by the cold water and alcohol. She immediately threw her hand over her mouth, but it did nothing to hide her all consuming laughter. Eli closed his eyes, his face burning with humiliation. 

Eventually Ms. Adams regained her composure long enough to shout. "Oh my god, he's so tiny!" Before grabbing the Bulge Builder 3000 and pulling it to the ground, revealing his shriveled appendage to everyone. The laughter was suddenly renewed and even louder than before, as the two women in the water held up the universal "thumb and forefinger" small penis sign. All Eli could do was stand paralyzed for a moment, before looking back and forth and realizing how much smaller and pathetic he looked being flanked by two well hung men.

"I guess Mr. Little Johnson would be a more appropriate name!" Shouted Mr. Michaels, causing even more laughter. Eventually they let him go, but refused to give him his suit back. He was forced to spend the rest of the night naked, as the rest of the group made jokes about his shortcomings. Thankfully none of them had their phones with them, but that was little relief to a crimson faced Eli. 

The night eventually wound down, and while Ms. Chavez and Ms. Sanders each gravitated toward one of the other men, he still found Ms. Adams paying plenty of attention to him.

"Alright." Said Mr. Crandall." I think we're gonna head off for the uh... second phase of the tradition. You coming Sarah?"

"I don't think so." she replied, her eyes locked with Eli. "I think I'm going to stay here and... play with our new friend a bit."

The other four vacated the area, disappearing into the locker room, leaving Eli alone with the curvy young redhead. She slowly crept closer to him, as he found himself unable to remove his eyes from the top half of her gorgeous figure cutting through the water. Without a word, she ran a finger down his chest, mischief behind her smile.

"Well well well Mr. Little Johnson. Looks like it's just you and me now."

Eli stood in the water, frozen by the sultry stare of the woman in front of him. Her fingers traced their way down his well toned chest, disappearing beneath the water. He felt her try to grab his shrunken member, and giggle as she could only get a couple fingers around it. To his horror, her laughter caused a rush of blood to his lower regions.

"Oooooh." She said with a grin. "Looks like the little guy is trying to get bigger. Is that the secret, Eli? Do you like it when I laugh at your little cock?"

"N-no..." He lied, unconvincingly. 

"Oh... so this little thing isn't going to get any harder if I tell you how hilarious it was to pull down your fake bulge and see such a dainty little thing between your legs?"

He didn't answer, but his body did. Even beneath the water, he was now fully hard, as she gently stroked his unimpressive shaft. She drifted closer to him, her bare breasts pressing against him, as she placed a gentle kiss on his neck. "You know, Eli... you don't need that thing. There's little sexier than a man who has the confidence to take ownership of his... shortcomings. Tell me..." she stopped stroking, instead gripping him tight in her hand, and causing him to jump. "How often do you wear that thing?"

"Not that often." He lied again.

"Uh huh... well no more. Get rid of it. You're better than that. That's not the only change we're going to make either."

"W-what do you mean?" He shivered, more from the nerves than the cold water. 

"I mean it doesn't look like you have much choice. You see, I am a woman of... less than conventional tastes. I find dominating men to be the ultimate rush. Unfortunately, this faculty is full of machismo and unearned confidence. You on the other hand... you're different. With a tiny little dicklet like this, you attempting to be dominant is almost laughable. I think you're going to be my obedient little pet this year."

The idea filled him with fear and excitement. He instantly knew he had never wanted anything more in his life. "And if I refuse?" His voice shook in anticipation.

"Well... then I drag you into the women's locker room and tie you up. You can hope that whichever team has practice in the morning is kind enough to untie you. It's your call really, but I know which route I would go. I promise, I'm MUCH more fun than a cold night in the showers, followed by a large group of women laughing at your miniature appendage. Though... it seems like you might enjoy that too." She let out a laugh, and continued stroking, bringing a moan from the throat of Mr. Johnson. "That's right, little guy. You belong to me now... say it!"

"I..." The words caught in his throat. The mixture of humiliation and arousal was almost too much for him. She stopped stroking again and squeezed, causing the words to jump from his mouth. "I belong to you now!"

"God damn right you do." she hissed in his ear, pulling him toward her by his erect member. "You don't want to know what happens if you forget."

"Y-yes ma'am."

She chuckled, and drifted back away a bit, allowing Eli to take a breath. "Sounds so natural coming from between your lips, little Eli. I like it. I think you should address me as ma'am from now on, no matter where we are, understand?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good boy. Now... I think it's time to take this party back to a more private venue."

Eli climbed out of the water, and reached for his swimsuit, only to receive a sharp smack on his backside. He stood straight up and spun around to see a smiling Ms. Adams. "I don't think so, little one." She used her feet to scoop up both the swimsuit and the Bulge Builder 3000. Twirling them in her hand, she looked back up at Eli. "You're not getting these back... though... we certainly can't have you walking around with the little guy exposed. We don't want you getting arrested... hmmmm... follow me."

He obeyed without thinking, walking behind her as she led him into the women's locker room. Watching her slowly peel off her bikini bottoms, and slide a pair of tight pink sweatpants and a small white t-shirt over her curves did nothing to assuage Mr. Johnson's arousal. His anxiety rose greatly, however, when she grabbed a rather small towel, and wrapped it around his waist.

"That'll never stay on!" He said in a pleading voice. This only widened Ms. Adams' smile.

"Well I guess you're going to have to be very careful then. Wouldn't want your little secret getting out, would we?" The last two words were said in a tone that suggested that she had no investment in keeping his secret at all. Silently, he followed her out of the locker room, and then out into the brisk night air. Thankfully the campus was mostly empty, but that did little to help Eli's racing heart, as they walked closer and closer to the faculty dorms.

He thought he was out of the woods, and began to relax as they stepped up to the doors of the building. Then it happened. He saw two young women on their way out the front doors. He didn't know their names, but he definitely recognized them from the faculty meetings. One short curvy brunette with a gorgeous smile, the other a slender black woman with striking hazel eyes. They both stopped dead as they walked outside, and spotted the man in the small towel.

"Well hello there." said the brunette. "Who is this?"

"Eli!" Ms. Adams' voice snapped, and almost instinctively Eli stood up straight, his hands at his sides. "Introduce yourself. Your new colleagues should know your name."

Their grins showed no mercy, as Eli stared at the ground, stammering. "E-Eli Johnson."

"Shake their hands." said Ms. Adams. He hesitantly obeyed, and in that instant, she slid her finger into his towel, and plucked it off his body. He managed to cover himself before they saw anything, but his heart dropped when he heard Ms. Adams say "Hands at your sides, little one."

He looked at her in disbelief, and then to the two women in front of him. Both of their eyes were locked on his lower half. "Please Ma'am... please just let me go inside."

"You're being very rude Eli. I don't think you want to know what happens to rude pets..."

The other women giggled, causing Eli to blush. His crimson pallor only deepened when he dropped his hands to his sides, and their eyes went wide at the sight of his shrunken member. Their sudden laughter rang out across the quad, so loud that Eli thought they might draw more attention.

"Oh my god!" shouted the taller, dark skinned woman. "I'm sorry it's just so..."

"Fucking tiny!" The other woman finished her sentence, causing them both to burst out laughing again. Eli's whole body turned a deep shade of red.

"It is rather pathetic, isn't it?" Ms. Adams mused, allowing the other women to get a good look. "Eli, I think you should apologize to these nice women. They shouldn't have to be subject to your tiny little cock."

He looked at her in disbelief, but she was completely serious. After a few moments, he stared at the ground and whispered. "I...I'm sorry."

Ms. Adams gave him a firm slap on the backside, which not only hurt, but shocked him into blurting out "I'm sorry for showing you my tiny cock!" The women giggled, as he turned even redder than before, surprised at himself and his outburst. The two women eventually left, allowing Eli and Ms. Adams to enter the building.

"Very good, little one. Already very obedient. The little guys always are."

He had no response. He could only stand there, naked, waiting for the elevator to arrive. The rest of the trip was uneventful, and he breathed a sigh of relief when they stepped into Ms. Adams' ornate apartment. He didn't have much time to admire her interior decorating ability, before she grabbed him roughly by the back of the neck, and bent him over the arm of her black leather couch.

"What the-" he began to protest, but was silenced immediately by several stiff slaps to his ass. 

"You will speak when I give you permission, tiny. Now that you're here, you belong to me. Do you understand?"

He hesitated, but only for a moment. "Y-yes."

"Yes what?!" She asked angrily, before spanking him a few more times.

"Yes ma'am!" He almost shouted, standing up when he felt her grip loosen.

"Good boy. Now, on your knees." He obeyed quickly, and silently, almost as if it came completely naturally to him. "Good boy!" she repeated with a smile, taking her place in front of him. She placed her finger under his chin, and lifted his gaze to meet hers. In that moment, staring into her emerald eyes, Eli knew he had found something he didn't even know he was looking for. She grinned, running her finger gently down his jawline. "I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun, little one..."