▶️ Usually So as a coordinating conjunction is used whenever we want to talk about the result of something:

- I had to finish my homework,so I woke up earlier than previous days.

▶️ But you have to be careful!As we said,so usually shows the result.Not always!There are some writing notes:

▶️ If So means "therefore" and you are connecting two independent clauses,it's better to put a comma ( , ) between clauses:

- Mathew never cares about being on time,so there is no surprise that he has a 30_minute delay.

▶️ If So means "in addition" we use a semicolon ( ; ) between clauses:

- I am invited to Sara's wedding party;so are my brother and sisters.

▶️ And if So is at the beginning of the sentence,it is used to sum up something and we use a comma to separate it from the sentence:

- So,they decided to leave their hometown for a better life.