small imgs to pic

small imgs to pic


You should convert all the small images to pic. The reason is that otherwise they will stretch in the original app, even if here in the web-preview you can still see them as 100x100 cool images. They won't be cool in the Telegram app.

without pic here is the result of a 100x100 image:

with pic (and th, but same result without it, I just added it to keep the pic cool and centered respect the rest of the content below, as in the original - it's just some styling):

I think this is a bug of the web-preview since the developer can be deceived (happens to everyone the first time), because we all expect the same result in web-preview as in the real app. It should be fixed in future imho.

PS: converting to pic does not mean that you make them smaller, instead you just "tell to the app" that they are already small, in order to let it handle properly!

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