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Definition of slob - a person who is lazy and has low standards of cleanliness, muddy land. Definition of slob. 1 :a slovenly or boorish person. English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. From Irish slaba. Compare slobber, which is of Germanic origin. Pronunciation[edit]. enPR: slob, IPA: /sl?b/; Rhymes: -?b Define slob (noun) in American English and get synonyms. What is slob (noun)? slob (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. Example Definition 1) Jeff: You have to roll there are some pretty good looking slobs out tonight. Definition 2) K to D: So how'r you going to make your move on Slazem se. Ove Internetske stranice koriste kolacice kako bi osigurale bolje korisnicko iskustvo i funkcionalnost stranica. Vise o kolacicima · Cookie Consent slob meaning, definition, what is slob: a lazy, untidy, and often rude person: . Learn more. Slob definition: If you call someone a slob , you mean that they are very lazy and untidy . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. slob. /sl?b/ noun. 1. (informal) a slovenly, unattractive, and lazy person.

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