should never have said it (final)

should never have said it (final)


In the week after all was arranged for my new job in Savannah, I had seen a solicitor and had him draw up a separation agreement as a prelude to divorce, in the agreement I asked that our home should be sold as soon as possible with the proceeds split equally, everything else would be apportioned by ownership, I had no wish to embarrass Amanda by suing for divorce on the grounds of adultery I hoped we could divorce amicably after a 2 year separation.

One evening I sat Amanda down and gave her the agreement and asked her to read and sign it, she sat silently and read it several times, when she had finished she turned to face me and her eyes were full of tears, "I don’t want this, you can’t mean it, I thought we were happy, I thought it’s what you wanted too, I thought it was just fun", " I have told you over and over that I wanted it to stop" I said, but she rambled on and on about Susan and I and how I had enjoyed myself with her, how the banging bed head proved that, and she gradually became more and more desperate as her arguments cut no ice with me, finally she refused to sign it and I told her that the alternative was to drag everyone to court to testify to her adultery, mine too if that pleased her more, I went on to tell her about my new job in savannah and how it would give her time to arrange her future and how I was soon leaving her anyway, she broke down in floods of tears "but I love you she said over and over again, I just told her it was best to sign it so we could move on. The next morning the document was signed and I returned it to my solicitor and asked him to make the preparations to market the house, Amanda and I barely spoke in the days following and it was with some relief that I finally left for America.

I settled in quickly and had a few sexual interesting adventures (separate stories), Amanda kept in touch via email and most evenings there was another new email with her begging for forgiveness and telling me how sorry she was and how well she was behaving, I only ever replied with questions regarding the house sale and as I was still meeting my side of the housekeeping expenses questions about unpaid bills etc, as I still had access to her emails I used to occasionally read them to see what she was up to and to be quite honest I was quite pleased that she seemed to have regained her sanity, Tim had asked her out several times but she always declined, in her emails to Susan she seemed genuinely to believe that I had been a willing participant to her affairs, Susan seemed to see it from my point of view and I think Amanda was beginning to realise how much I had hurt, in one of Amanda’s emails I was pleased to find out that Frank had somehow obtained photographic evidence of his wife Jenny’s adultery and was suing her for divorce as well..................What a fucked up life this is I thought.

I had taken my laptop to the states and on it I had photographs of Amanda and I in happier times, some nights my heart would feel heavy at the loss, but I never let it show in my few emails to Amanda, I had been in the states about 5 months when I received a email from Susan saying how worried she was about Amanda it seemed she had lost a lot of weight and was in trouble keeping on top of her job so much so that she had been forced to take some leave to sort herself out. Susan begged me to be kinder to Amanda and ended her email by adding that she really believed that Amanda thought what she was doing was for both our benefits and begged me to call Amanda for a chat if I still cared about her to help her through her depression.

That evening I sat down and composed a long email in which I explained all my feelings, the betrayal, the sickness in my stomach and how I hated her and myself for letting it happen, I reminded her how I had accepted the initial blame for the start of her affair with Jerry and how I could have let that go and started afresh but although I still loved her with a passion I could not see us getting on the right road again, I ended the email by reminding her that she was strong enough to get her life back on track and how I would always support her when she needed me as I signed off the email I was crying.

The next day there was no reply from Amanda and none again the following day, on the 3rd day she had sent a email saying she was coming to savannah arriving on Friday, she had booked a local hotel, close to where I was staying and begged me to meet her at the airport or at least get someone she could trust to meet her as she knew from the internet that savannah could be a dangerous place, I was stunned but knowing Amanda it was pointless to try and change her mind, I had made a close friend William who offered to pick her up if I felt I couldn’t do it and so that’s what happened, I was now living in an apartment only about ¼ mile from the masters Inn where she had booked her room and it was agony waiting for Will to return from his taxi duties, "You have got to go and see her" he said "she is terrified about being alone in this town and she is so fucking beautiful you must be mad not to try to sort this out" Will did not know all the story and I had no intention of enlightening him, but he was right I did have to see her and so I walked down Eisenhower to the masters Inn

I knocked on her door and her voice asked who it was, when I replied "It’s Dave" the door flew open, there she stood looking a little gaunt but still beautiful, my heart was missing beats, she went to hug me but restrained herself I walked into the room and began to remonstrate with her for her foolishness "do you still love me"? she asked over and over again until I replied that I did "and I love you" she replied "and that’s all that matters isn’t it" she flew into my arms and we kissed passionately and my cock stiffened as she undressed me and I her, she fell back onto the bed and pulled me into her it was the first time in nearly a year that I felt her pussy on my cock "fuck me like you fucked Susan, make the bed bang" and we did several times, after we had rested she asked if we could try again, and I was pleased to say that we could, the next morning she moved into my apartment and stayed several weeks, I shamelessly put temptation in her way in the form of Hunky well hung blacks but she seemed not to notice them, before she went home she told me that Susan had told her that if all else failed she would have to be "naughty" to keep me (Susan called anal sex being naughty), so I asked her if she intended to be "naughty" and she was and she loved it.
All this was over 2 years ago now and I am still in savannah and we are still together, she took the house off the market and spends all her holidays with me, things are good and I may yet be proved wrong but I am happier that I have ever been.
Sorry for the lack of sex in this but there was plenty in the other episodes, and I don’t really care if this bored you, I just needed to write it, thanks for reading it.

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