Sergey Zarva

Sergey Zarva

Dicecream Magazine

🔳Sergey Zarva (born 1973) Ukrainian artist. He graduated from the Grekov Art Institute, Odessa and has since participated in numerous exhibitions in his home country. 

He has previously been included in both solo and group shows held at Regina Gallery, Moscow and was a participant in the famous Ostalgia exhibition at the New Museum, New York in 2011. 

At the heart of the paintings, multi-layered bright images-matrixes of the Odessa artist is a photography. However, it radically transforms the primary reality, and the scale of deformation of images, faces and figures takes on hyperrealistic forms.

Sergei Zarva is an artist whose works were represented by Massimiliano Joni in the curatorial project of the 55th Venice Biennale.

The artist lives and works in Odessa.